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Obamacare Mandates Free Sterilization for ALL Women


I was horrified when I read an article this morning on, so I felt compelled to pass the information along to our readers.

Obamacare mandates sterilization for teensObamacare, which took effect on August 1, 2012, mandates that all health care plans (except those provided by churches) provide free sterilization to “all women with reproductive capacity.”

The Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Preventative Services for Women issued a report in which it defined that to mean “from the time of menarche to menopause.”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the terminology, menarche is when a girl first starts menstruating.

Although the CNSNews article indicates that, on average, that usually happens around the age of 12, I used to work in a Pediatric Endocrinology office and can tell you that it sometimes happens earlier than that.

So essentially, Obamacare allows your child, regardless of how young she may be as long as she’s started her period, to walk into a clinic and consent to a free sterilization WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT.

Yes, it’s possible that your 9-, 10-, 11-, or 12-year old daughter could decide that she never wants children, walk into a clinic, and have herself sterilized….for free and without your consent.

They aren’t even old enough to make decisions for themselves. Legally, they cannot drive, vote, or drink, but they should be allowed to consent to sterilization??! Apparently, our government thinks so!

The previously mentioned article uses Oregon as an example. Oregon law allows girls from the age of 15 to make this decision, although the age will vary based upon laws of each specific state.

Your pre-teen could decide to do it because they think the process of childbirth is “icky.”

Or perhaps your teen daughter who is having sex with her boyfriend (which you’re unaware of) decides to be sterilized so that she can continue having sex without fear of pregnancy.  I can see it now, teens going through with it because they aren’t concerned with the future, they’re only thinking this will give them the green light to have unprotected sex.

Absolutely abhorrent, and if you aren’t furious, there’s something seriously wrong with you!

Anyone that’s been paying attention is well aware that eugenics has long been the agenda of our government.

Abortion isn’t legal because they want to give women the right to choose. They want you to believe that, but their real intention is population control.  Now, they’re giving your young daughter the right to decide to have herself sterilized. This is just another major leap in the NWO‘s plan to depopulate the earth. Do not be fooled!

Head on over to CNSNews and read the whole article.

Then make sure that 1) you vote appropriately in November, 2) in the meantime, do everything in your power to have Obama impeached. Sign the petition, and then contact your senators and representatives and demand that they initiate impeachment proceedings. All of his legislation would then be overturned.

Are you going to wake up and step up? Or are you going to continue to live with your head in the sand?

Time is short. Use it wisely.


Teen Sterilization Under Obamacare:


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Teens Can Consent to Sterilization Under Obamacare

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