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10 Reasons To Own a Website

Webmastery is a learning experience

I can tell you first hand that having your own website is an engaging learning experience. Aside from me documenting all the things I have learned as a result of me being a webmaster I will sum it up in this way: I have decided to learn how to type. Yep, me, VizFact, concerned with typing.

Being able to type professionally will help me to write more powerful stuff in my opinion, and that makes for great content.

If you are going to have a website, you are going to have to have content, or “stuff”, within it. For VizFact Dot Com we write opinions, share videos and even pictures. I won’t go through the hundreds of things you will learn as a webmaster, but I can say its not complicated although it does take time and its also a challenging experience to build a quality user experience.


Your voice may actually be heard.

When you make a great comment or status update on Facebook or in a Facebook Group or write a blog within one of the social media networks your content is only available in that respective closet. I call them closets because they aren’t indexed into the search engines, for the most part, so your comments don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

You could have the longest or greatest status update of all time and no one may ever see it, that won’t happen with a website. With a website, if you update it and make sure it isn’t designed terribly (simple is best) people will visit it and people will be looking for what they find because that’s how the search engines work.

If you write a blog or have a website about cooking ducks, and I am looking for information related to cooking ducks, I will have a chance at getting to your website.

For example:  Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and Google, read websites and return those websites to their users based on what term the user searches for ran against the results they have indexed from other websites.

Get it? They copy website content so it will be available to reference as a search result and they send the traffic back to you when the result is clicked. People like to click stuff.


Its cheap

I run the entire VizFact Dot Com Network for less than 20$ per month. A whole lot less than 20$ per month. A whole, whole lot, lot less, less than 20$ per month. In return, I get global reach. That just sounds good. It is good. Remember, all things are good. If not, find a way to make them good or do your job as a human being and find the good in it, its there.


Webmastery is relatively simple

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be rocket scientist to be a webmaster.

The challenge of being a webmaster comes when you decide to learn new things because before you know it, you will have lots of things you want to learn [because you will want to do new things with your website] and as you learn new things, they become simple. (Premium wisdom there baby, lol. Only at VizFact Dot Comski)

The basics are easy enough, use text, pictures and use everything you can to tell your story. Also, make sure the website is navigable. If you can learn to pull off that much, you can be up and running and most noobie website builders come ready to go so you could be operational in no time.

If you need help, get a good web host like Hostgator who has assistance available around the clock with people who actually speak English, to man the support lines. Also have a webmaster big brother (like me) who can help you out when those hard times come around or either be a part of a great webmaster community that can answer your questions and prevent you from having to re-invent the wheel.


It could be a money maker

If people visit your website, and you determine its growing in popularity, then your property may be bankable. If it is, it won’t take long for you to learn how to make money off of it. One way to make money from a new website is with Chitika.

It works well when people are finding your website through a search engine. It targets search terms used in search engines by the user that initiated the initial landing on your website which is the main way that people will find a new website, without you promoting it.

After a while Chitika will pay you for ad views so it may be worth it to stay with it. After a while you will discover on your own, other ways to monetize your web property.

I won’t go through website monetization here because that ain’t what this blog post is about. For more information about making money online click the link you just saw.


Get taken seriously

It doesn’t matter if you are a car salesman, a hobbyist, musician, or photographer, or a wannabe, if you have a website backing up your intentions then you are likely to be taken seriously.

Especially if you have a quality website.

Let say for example you sell tomatoes and you meet someone who may be a tomato enthusiast or something. You can either tell them you have tomatoes to sell, or sell them tomatoes anyway then give them your business card with your web address on it.

If they visit your website then it saves you a lot of talking because your website will be your agent and then they can share your work without you even knowing it. If you have an agenda, then having a website gets you and your agenda much more respect and opportunity to reach the most people.

If you have a crappy website then start over because its worthless unless…you have great content and its fully 100% functional.


A Website is Property, Online Real Estate

A website is property; plain and simple. The more popular your website is, the more valuable your property is. Yes, you can get famous online, you just needs lots of traffic and keep in mind people don’t mind leaving the social media sites to visit a website.

Your job is to make it good so that its re-visitable.

Take Myspace for example, it was a laggy website to where it wasn’t even functional for some people with lower end computers. Then you got tons of spam.

Then look at Facebook, almost no lag, and full functionality, everything works with one click for the most part with no lag and its clean and simple.

Facebook is valued in the billions, Myspace is valued in the millions.

I rest my case.  🙂

(VizFact Dot Com is valued in the thousands, FYI) 😛


Data Storage

Ever hear of Carbonite or those other companies that want you to store your whole life story and all your personal business with them (on their hard-drives) in the form of automatic hard drive back ups?

If you have a website and know how to FTP uploads (which is super easy) then you don’t need ’em.

You can use your websites’ server and back up your PC and your own data that way.

No need to pay some major corporation more money for something you can do with a 5$ a month website. If fact, I think its cheaper and more secure if you store your data with yourself.

Unless you intend to invade your own privacy.


You Own it

Its yours, no one can take it from you they must buy it. End of story. Real estate. You can build whatever you want and name your price for it. You can even leave it to a loved one in a will if you die. And you will die, eventually. At least physically anyway. Guaranteed.



It isn’t easy to organize and bring people together but if you can create or get teamed up with a highly functional and organized website / webmaster, things can be infinitely easier.

Do the speech, or lay out the rules, or goals, or whatever it is you/y’all are doing on the website just once and send people to it.

You can focus on other things related to your project while your website does its work, spreading your message. Websites work really well with family reunions, political movements and anything requiring an organizational back bone, especially business.

A number of things I use my network for which may not be listed are private email ([email protected] . com) , data storage, image and video hosting, url redirects, and to store information that I am personally interested in that I don’t want to lose if my computer dies on me. I also use it to say things I want heard worldwide rather than my voice being locked away in some social networking opinion prison.

Finest Regards and Smooch Smooch,

VizFactimus Maximus From Talicactimus
(Hmmm, I like the new name variation, we’re on to something HAARE)
(I have absolutely no idea what the hell a Talicactimus is.) LAWL!

It rhymed.

10 Reasons To Own a Website

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