standard Will the Texans Bend Over for The Bengals?

What a punishing few Come To Jesus weeks its been for a Texans’ fan.

You get half way through the season and feel like, “Hey we’ve got sumthin HHAAARRRRRR!!!”, and then those bastards bend over for Brady, The Vikings, and the upstart Colts. (I gave one to the Packers.)

Yes, in the same fashion as that defense that made Mark Sanchez look like the greatest rookie of all time when he snuck into the league, the Texans bent over and took a long one up the rear from the Indianapolis Colts – headed up by a rookie quarterback who seems to have been a mere contraction or two between being a genius or a retard. Andrew Lucks’ Mr. Ed’ish incisors lead the Colts.

With all due respect, Andrew Luck has kicked ass, but he’s a rookie (and a genius in my humble opinion). The Houston Texans should have been able to handle a rookie. Even without a plan B, which they have never had.


I have absolutely no confidence in the Texans this weekend.

Chance of winning against The Bengals in Houston at Reliant on Jan 5th, 2012: 25%Houston-Texans-Bengals

I say 25% because they are healthy, have 90% of their key players with the exception of Brian Cushing, and they aren’t using David Carr as quarterback.

My question is, when they lose (I hope they win) does it validate T.J. Yates? If so, does this mean he’s the next Matt Schaub? (A back-up forced to pretend to be a starter?)

Looks at this hype propaganda piece I ripped off of Facebook…

My question to Lord Johnson is…

Did you come up with this all by yourself, or did you finally decide to start kicking some ass in the locker room?

Should we just cut our losses and send the Cougars?

Some people have resorted to stop the bleeding, and give away Texans-Benglas Playoff Tickets.

Will the Texans Bend Over for The Bengals?

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