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Is it Possible That Ron Paul Will Cut a Deal With Mitt Romney?


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The immediate response from most Paul supporters would be no, because Ron Paul has never been a sell out.

But it was with raised eyebrow that I read an article on Yahoo this morning entitled Why Ron Paul May Cut a Deal With Mitt Romney.

As a long-time, staunch Ron Paul supporter, just the thought of Paul selling out makes me cringe visibly.

There were several points that the author made that didn’t sit well with me:


1.  The claim that “winning the presidency was never Paul’s foremost goal.”

Foremost?  Maybe not.

But if his goal wasn’t to win the nomination, he wouldn’t be fighting for us as hard as he has been.

His primary goal has probably always been to wake people up to the problems in this country, but I don’t for one minute believe that winning the nomination was not one of his foremost goals.


2. The author stated that Ron Paul is running in last place of the 4 candidates in terms of delegates, and delegates are what wins an election.

This is NOT a fact, it’s a guess.

The media is assuming that the unbound delegates will go to the establishment’s chosen one, Mitt Romney.

Below is a video of Fox News reporter Ben Swann‘s Reality Check explaining how delegates work and why Ron Paul isn’t out of the race yet.


3. The claim that Paul and Romney have been in cahoots all along.

Although it is true that during the presidential debates Ron Paul has focused his attacks at the other GOP candidates, the idea that he was in “cahoots” with Romney doesn’t make much sense.

The two stand for completely different things.  They are like oil and water.

Romney IS Obama. They stand for the SAME THINGS!

It’s just hard to tell, because Romney keeps flip-flopping. He decides what he stands for based upon what he thinks people want to hear at that moment.

Provided that Paul stands for what he says he does, I can’t see him ever secretly backing Romney.

If you’re unaware of the frightening similarities between Romney and Obama, this should clear things up for you:




What Type of Deal Might Ron Paul Make?


Last month, Ron Paul denied that he had an alliance with Mitt Romney, but yet the subject keeps coming up.

Rumors that are flying around indicate that a deal would likely benefit both the Romney camp and the Paul camp.

The fact of the matter is that it’s unlikely Mitt Romney will win the 2012 Presidential election without the Ron Paul supporters.

Why? Because many have vowed that they will never vote for Romney, and will instead write Ron Paul in.

In addition, if Paul were to run on a third-party ticket, it would split the Republican vote, virtually ensuring a second term for Barack Obama.

However, if Ron Paul were able to sway his supporters into rallying behind Romney, it would be a game changer.

But what would Paul get out of the deal?

Doug Wead, Ron Paul’s senior adviser, doesn’t seem to think he can be bought:

Romney wants the ring of power. He wants it so bad. Negotiating with Ron Paul is very difficult because he doesn’t want anything. If he got the ring, he would throw it into Mount Doom.

But not all of his campaign aides agree since he knows he probably won’t get the nomination. They feel that his “wish list” could include the following:

  • restoring citizen’s civil liberties
  • balancing the budget via deep spending cuts
  • reforming the monetary system through actions such as auditing the Federal Reserve
  • returning the power to declare war to the legislative branch of government

Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s campaign chairman, has a few other ideas as well.

Benton feels that he might be swayed by the opportunity to serve as a Presidential adviser or even “perhaps a vice presidency“…..for his son Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, not for himself.

In fact, one Paul adviser allegedly stated:

If you’re talking about putting Rand on the ticket, of course that would be worth delivering our people to Romney.

Rand Paul

Ron Paul's son - Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

Is that likely?  Probably not.

And it’s impossible to avoid the elephant in the room.

If Ron Paul were to make a deal with Romney, I firmly believe his supporters would feel he was selling out.

This could probably have a major impact, because not selling out is what Paul has long been known for, unlike all the other candidates. It is one of his most admirable traits

It’s impossible to say just how things would play out if this scenario became reality.

The whole plan may backfire. Paul may alienate a lot of his strongest, most-devoted supporters with such a move.

Many may decide not to vote in the Presidential election, and some may even decide to vote for Obama.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have been a Paul supporter since 2007, and I will NEVER vote for Mitt Romney.

I know plenty of people who feel the same, so it will be fascinating to see how things play out.

I’m interested to hear your opinions on this, so please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Will We See a Deal Between Ron Paul & Mitt Romney?

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  • If Ron Paul is on the ticket, that ticket gets my vote. I would be killing two birds with one stone, voting out and incumbent, and voting in Ron Paul, who knows, Mitt Romney could die of a massive heart attack then Ron Paul would end up president. We have to remove Obama, his apparatus is already implanted and cannot be allowed to grow over the course of another 4 years.

    • Melissa S

      Who said anything about Ron Paul being on the ticket?  Benton said he might be willing to consider if Rand was on the ticket.