standard Who Is Mitt Romney, Seriously (Video)

Who is Mitt Romney?

The Living Definition of the Rich Getting Richer While the Poor Get Poorer

The film below answers the question of who is Mitt Romney. The short 30 minute documentary at the end of this post demonstrates why he is perceived the way he is; as a greedy business man who will do anything for a dollar.

The film below highlights how Mr. “I am intimately familiar with how our economy works” and Bain Capital destroyed 4 successful businesses for a profit, while evaporating jobs. These business were already profitable, but that wasn’t enough for Romney and his pals.

Who is Mitt Romney?

In Marianna, Florida Unimac (commercial laundry equipment manufacturer) was destroyed, after being bought out by the Raytheon-Bain partnership headed up by Romney.

Forced quality reduction in products became a reality while increasing profit after the Romney takeover. Afterwards, Mitt Romney had the nerve to call the workers sloppy and lazy.

(+160% Profit)

Who is Mitt Romney ?

Remember 80 Million year old KAYBEE Toys?

They loaded that profitable company with millions in debt, forcing them into bankruptcy, by  buying their own stock with money financed by loans in the name of Kaybee Toys. Then, had the nerve to call this practice creative destruction that helps the economy.

+900% Profit

Ampad was another company Mitt Romney used as a vehicle to raid smaller companies.

Watch the video below to find out who Mitt Romney really is.
When Mitt Romney Came to Town


Barack Obama will destroy this man if he dare runs against him in the 2012 Presidential elections.

Who is Mitt Romney

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  • Everyone is slowly finding out what a sleazeball the Romney’s really are, along with his Mormon buddies.

    Anything for a profit in your own pocket – including bombing and invading Iran if it makes his “blind trust” a few more million – forget that Romney’s by nature are cowards when it comes to war – no Romney has served in uniformed – five boys and not one is patriotic in the War on Terror?

    Not the kind of wall street morals we need – Romney’s business ethics get regular poor Americans unemployed, so they find military service acceptable, to die for Romney’s wallet.


    • Wwow, what a very interesting perspective you bring to the conversation. Thanks for posting your perspective here. Its appreciated. Anything we can do to spur thought is cherished.

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