standard We Must Kill Yahoo

We Have to Kill Yahoo, Dead I Tell You!

A few hours ago I decided to update my yahoo messenger

(clears throat)

A few months ago Yahoo viciously ruined the email that millions of us Yahoo lovers treasured. If you ever used Yahoo Mail, I am talking to you because it was a great product in the past. It used to be simple.

Wait, let me go back further.

We're Going Back!

About a year or two ago (I am not sure of the exact date) the fine fine people at Yahoo offered an option to try the “new and improved Yahoo Mail”, as they named it, while allowing its members to switch back to what was called classic mail. (oh I’d say its still classic)

I was like OH MY GOD NOO!,


Thank god I can go back to classic mail!

right? lol

Then all of a sudden the skanks at Yahoo (I love[d] Yahoo, but they’re skanks for “now” and they may even have to die depending on how I feel when I finish this blog post) forced The New Mail Order (my corny satirical spin on the New World Order) on the innocent people of webdom, and I was like, “I’m cool with it”, “grow, get used to it” “its new- folks upgrade” ya know?; all the good stuff that comes packaged with sucking up things you hate.

I did it for Yahoo, I gave them a pass and sucked it up when they murdered the best web based email on the planet. You know; back when Yahoo wasn’t struggling for a purpose and an identity.

Yahoo! I don’t have time for this sh** you bastards! Ok, I didn’t even feel like writing today but Yahoo upset me so give me a pass ok?

I’m Ranting. Thank you.

To Make a Long Rant Short, the New and Improved Yahoo Mail sucks homeless manbutt (figuratively speaking). End of story. This is my Yahoo Mail rant that I never wrote. Yahoo forced this post.

I’m sorry, I had to get it off my chest.

The Yahoo Toolbar! Yahoo Must Die!

That Yahoo f$&$ing toolbar.

It is the enemy of all that is good in the universe and they make damn sure to force it on you like government medicine, syphilis, and taxes. Alls I wants to do every few months/weeks for the past 5 or 6 years is update my YAHOO MES-SEN-GER ! I do not want your Yahoo ToolBar no I do not. I do not want your Yahoo Toolbar no I do not. 

Every few months or weeks I update my beloved Yahoo Messenger, just minding my own business, trying to hook up with friends, ya know,  and every effing time I update my Yahoo-wares the disease infested maggots at Yahoo seem to not give a damn about ramming that damn Yahoo Toolbar down your throat every time you update Yahoo Messenger, but no, it gets worse.

You actually get options to opt out of the Yahoo tracking spamware. Seriously. I give them credit for that. It looks good. Like a pimp.Let me opt out, thanks.

The options that Yahoo provides actually gives you the choice to opt out of all the crap they want to install on your browser, and on your PC. I usually pick that option. [no thanks] Damnit, for the past 6 or 7 years I have picked that option. But nevertheless, every update, every computer (I have changed pc’s a few times) every year, same shit, … You opt out of the toolbar, you find it in your browser anyway.

You have to go to uninstall programs, remove it. Then, a few years ago you actually had to start going into your Firefox Dirty Tricks Bag (Extensions) and remove the Add-On they sneak in on you too. (Operational word: TOO | As it relates to a string of unnecessary labors forced upon the peaceful by Yahoo, causing me to have to take actions and waste time out of my precious fucking life to deal with their Evil Toolbar!

Simple enough to uninstall it though.

Stop forcing that shit it on me!

Why the Rant?

I can’t remove mine this time.

Yahoo Must Die!

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  • Melissa S

    LOL!  Now I’m glad I couldn’t get mine to update! 

    • dON’T BE LAUGHING DMANIT! I am sure I will be able to fix it tonight.

      • Melissa S

        I have to laugh. It’s funny. And it’s even funnier they way you described it.  You could always use Chrome 😉

  • I finnaly got got my firefox working but only after a full cavity uninstall of firefox. And a redownload and install, now all my plugins and firefox addons work. Life is once against good, no thanks to yahoo’s sorry ass.

  • rambo

    yahoo the son of a bitch has fked up big time im using their services less and less now because of their big brother style tactics the mother faquars

    •  Damn Right Rambo, they have N-DEED become whores.