standard We Must Kill Gas Prices

Gas Prices Going Nuts!

And we haven’t even entered into the “so called” driving season yet. Right now, in Houston, Texas, gas prices are almost up to 3.45 per gallon and why, I have no idea.

It isn’t like there’s a shortage of oil anything, oh, that’s right, President Fantasy Land Obama seems to have forgotten that whole we run on oil bit (just like the rest of the planet but we’re suppose to suffer) when putting the brakes on the Keystone XL pipeline to bring oil from Canada to The United States.

The Keystone XL pipeline would have likely brought gas prices down and would have certainly created jobs along the route of the pipeline. I guess if they aren’t the types of jobs the President wants, we’re screwed. the Politician in Chief would really work on being president.

Right on Mr Hopey Changey, Right on.

Tidbits To Help Out With Gas Prices

Anyway… A few tips to maximize your gas efficiency are as follows…(cause you need that)

  1. Make sure your tires are inflated according to manufacturers standards.
  2. If you can help it, don’t drive while low on gas. Driving while low on gas hurts fuel efficiency.
  3. Change your oil on a timely routine basis.
  4. Avoid Idling. Excessive Idling wastes gas. It only takes a couple of seconds worth of gas to crank a car. A car can burn as much as a quarter tank of gas per hour depending on the vehicle. The gas burn isn’t worth the convenience especially in light of current gas prices and probable price action for gasoline in the future.
  5. Use cruise control.
  6. Drive in overdrive at all opportunities. In overdrive your engine will rev down, and save gas while limiting engine wear.
  7. Remove extra unnecessary weight from the vehicle.
  8. Relax behind the wheel. Speeding, braking, and aggressive driving burns tons of gas. Save your  aggressive driving for emergencies and save cash on gas prices in the meantime. Leaving for work ahead of rush hour traffic is proven to raise fuel efficiency, who cares if leaving early steals time from your life. This is about saving money on gas prices.
  9. Perform all normal maintenance on your vehicle especially tune-ups.

For more help with finding low gas price visit Gas Buddy!

For more information and advice (I’m not an expert) on maximizing fuel efficiency visit Fuel Economy Dot Gov

By: VizFactimus Maximus From Talicactimus

We Must Kill Gas Prices

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