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Finally got that bad boy built and complete and its looking extra lovely. Yes, YAZZ!, …the VizTV portion of the VizFact Dot Com network is ready, heart thumping, alive and well.

The Painfully struggling VizTV Logo.

At first it was a cruddy pathetic version of itself, oh but now its sexy enough to compete with the leaders in sharing videos that are already available online for free. [lol]

VizTV Goals

The goal of the project is not to index every video on the web, but o index (repost) stuff we like and videos that we feel provide depth to modern consciousness. That doesn’t we mean we don’t have our fair share of crap on the network because there are music videos there and pointless movies. However, they are movies and videos that we like.

Our goal with the VizFact dot Com Network is provide a basis for the expansion of critical thought about issues that affect all of our lives.

Disagreement is a blessing, not a problem.

The purpose of VizTV is to share our original works, of which, none are in production at the moment, but that will change.

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  • Payitforward74

    Hey!  Don’t call my music videos crap!  If there was a crap ‘o meter, I’d say yours would rank higher than mine, Mr. Birdman  LOL

    • Vizfact Mandude

      Hey Hey Damnit! Some of that birdman shit jamz!