standard War: The United States’ One Great Talent

War & the Illusion of Choice


George CarlinI liked this video by George Carlin.

He pretty much hit the nail on the head that the one great skill the U.S. possesses is bombing brown people.

Have a problem with someone?  Obviously, the answer is war!

Even if you aren’t sure what the question is, the answer is still war.

There is no better way to solve our problems than by killing people in other countries, as well as sending our brave military men and women off to die.

Oh, and and we have no choice in the matter.

Elections and politicians are in place in order to give Americans the illusion that they have freedom of choice. You don’t really have choice in this country. – George Carlin


 George Carlin:  War & the Illusion of Choice


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War is the answer for everything, isn’t it?

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  • George Carlin made lots of sense in this one.