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Vote em out, Be an Anti-Incumbent voter

When I vote I don’t generally have a candidate or a party that I “rolls” with. Instead of dedicating myself to a party’s brand (eg. RepubliCon or Demoncrat) I vote against whomever is in office when voting time rolls around regardless of if I “like” them or not.

The reason that I vote this way is because I believe if people sit too long in one spot they get comfortable with their positions and, in my opinion, that just ain’t good enough for the United States of America, its people, or their representatives.

As they say: power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In my opinion that statement simply means that, at some point, people who are in positions of power will eventually use that power to serve their own best interest.

I'd Vote for Dennis Kucinich's Wife anyday. Even over Ron Paul. Dennis Kucinich doesn't get enough respect for being a real lady killer. Anytime a man has a women who is taller than him deserves the utmost respect for being a savage lady killer. I love Dennis Kucinich's Wife..... because she's much sexier than Ron Paul.

I think the corruption of the empowered starts when they allow your power (the power of the people) to serve their own personal agenda which is almost always to the detriment of others.

With the exception of Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich’s crazy ass, and a few other congressmen who are being forced out of public service via the [likely corrupt] practice of redefining their congressional districts (redistricting), I think all elected officials (including the lords of the Universe who are unelected in the privatized Federal Reserve) should get one or two terms max.

At a bare minimum, having voters who are wise enough to know the value of changing their representatives, like they change their drawers, is a dream for those looking for someone of new ideas and could become a living nitemare for the corrupt politicians who live off the power (and the government pay) the public gives them.

Humor This, Obama has never had a job in the real world (he doesn’t and CAN NOT relate to you). There are lots and lots of politicians just like that. These weaklings are total academics who have no clue of what goes on the real world not because they don’t live in it, but because they don’t relate to it.

The Sandra Fluke Vote, The Self Proclaimed Slut Used by Honorable Democrats To Inspire Pro-Abortion anti War on Women Votes

Imagine This: The Fluke chic went to testify to congress in Washington D.C.  because she wants you to pay for her contraception because she is having soooo much sex, she can’t afford to kill her unborn children anymore.

"Democrats dig up nymphomaniacal slut to help rally their brainwashed voting base to get behind the pre-killing of humanity in the name of women's rights. Almost with the same tactic employed that destroyed the family by getting women back to work and on the tax rolls. Difference this time, you can't tax a lifeless unborn child. (I don't think they can be taxed.)

Street hookers aren’t even this skanky. Assuming she is having sex 3 times a day with 3 different men, her cost for condoms should only be like 1000.00 per year.

Vote Sluts: Sandra Fluke being used as a Political Whore like a prostitute by Democrats

Fire their asses and make them find real jobs like the rest of us.  Our congressional aristocracy needs stupid little issues like this to take the conversation off of the real issues so we (we meaning you, not me) can focus on a trumped up reason to re-elect them to office, all the while, real issues won’t be considered for public debate. No.

Not – ending the wars, not – fixing our economy, not – bringing gas prices and other energy costs down, not – fixing our corrupt monetary system, not – moving cancerous chemicals out of foods, not – allowing more healthy foods onto the market, not – lowering the cost of higher education which the government causes, but a slut, and other meaningless issues equally as unimportant to America as a whole, to help out the party in power at the moment, The Demoncrats.

The Flawed Vote: Romney VS Obama

I am very capable of voting for Mittens (Phrase Mittens was coined by Michael Berry of NewsRadio 740, a highly divisive radio personality syndicated in many major cities, but based in Houston Texas.) because I know I will be voting against Mitt Romney in 4 years and for whoever is the next man or woman up. Granted that she isn’t nominated for the office of the President of The United States of America on the sole merits of her sex organ, as previously demonstrated by putting a man in office for the sole reason of him being clean and well spoken as a black man.

Damn the Constitution! I am for the candidate with the Best Hair!

I didn’t participate in the 2008 vote because I thought the whole thing was a bit silly. A nobody versus a sellout. Neither of them a natural born citizen of the United States of America, AND BOTH OF THEM REPRESENTED A FALSE CHOICE. So spare me , the bullshit about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, McCain was ineligible too yet they (the incumbents) changed the law for him to be eligible to run for the Office of the False President.

Its 2012, and here we go again, the sellout (Obama the sellout time) versus the Hustler (Mittens Romney). No, the voting machines are not for debate because racist America elected a black man so the voting machines have obviously been validated. And no, secret easily hackable puter-ized votin’ machines don’t even justify a mention.

VizFact’s Justification For Voting

The Prevention of a Dictatorship in America

I think we can all agree that voting is a waste of time with Washington D.C. (and most States like California and Texas – See David Dewhurst and how he and Rick Perry pussed out when we were going to start arresting the TSA Federales for fondling American Citizens with no just cause or anything even related to a warrant, which the law requires.) being corrupt and all, but imagine this: One day, if less than 1% of the population are the only ones willing to get the vote out, the whole process could end up being seen as irrelevant.

Scary Thought.

If people continue to not vote, they (the people) beg for, and demand, a dictatorship in America via the inaction (which is an action) known as silence. Most of these idiots don’t even know what a dictatorship is.

Vote them all out, even if you like them. Besides, some of them never even had jobs in the first place, they live on the government payroll likely living much better than you and you help them do it. You pay for it also.

Join me in the anti-incumbent movement!

By VizFact

Republicans are Democrats

Vote Them All Out!


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