standard Uncovering Barack Obama’s Past (Video)

Barack Obama’s Real Father Was a Communist


The following video exposes Barack Obama’s true political foundations.

His real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist, who was tracked for years by the FBI.

If you still fail to see that Obama is anti-Christian and anti-American, this is a must watch.

Please challenge any Obama supporters you may know to examine the evidence.

They’re willing to blindly follow, but are they willing to risk exposing themselves to the truth before continuing to defend him?

It’s time for Americans to wake up and gain an understanding of who they really voted into office.

America made a mistake in 2008. We must not make the same mistake this election.

It is our responsibility to spread the word before it’s too late to save this great country that so many of our service men and woman have sacrificed their lives for.


Uncovering the Truth about Barack Obama:


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Barack Obama’s Secret Past

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