standard TSA Agents Take to the Streets of Houston

Warrantless Bag Searches by TSA at Houston Bus Stops


Last Friday, federal TSA agents, along with Texas police, took the next step in the escalating police state in this country.

During the Metro Bus Safe operation, which they tout as a counter-terrorism exercise, the TSA and police descended upon Houston bus stations and conducted warrantless (i.e., illegal & unconstitutional) random bag checks of people riding the bus.

Metro denies that random bag checks were conducted, despite the fact that they posted on their website both before & after that they were going to and HAD done them.

The police chief says he has the right to do bag checks and might have his officers do them in the future.  If you don’t comply, you won’t be able to ride the bus.

The exercise resulted in 14 arrests, none of which were even remotely related to terrorist activities.

7 arrests were for prostitution, 3 for drugs, 2 for outstanding warrants, and 2 for driving offenses. 12 of those arrested were African American.

Racial profiling at work?

Stay tuned!  TSA thugs…..coming soon to a bus stop or highway near you!

This is the future of America.


TSA Conducts Counter Terrorism Exercise in Houston

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TSA Agents at Houston Bus Stops

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