standard Trying To Accomplish Your Goals? Don’t Bullshit Yourself, Liar

I’m Trying To…


It really irritates me when I hear people talk about their goals, and they manage to use the term, “trying”. The reason that this term gets on my nerves, when it comes to accomplishing goals, is because it suggests bullshit and speaks of cowardice, or even worse, someone lying to themselves.


When I hear this term it clearly says to me that the person mouthing off is not fully 100% personally invested in whatever in the hell the goal was supposed to be in the first place.


I mean, you don’t try to go take a shit, you rise up, find a path, and then after the party starts you notice whether or not you have toilet paper or not. In the meantime, the original goal has been accomplished. (You now have to clean up the mess!)


Umm, Do A Like, Plan?


So I’d suggest take the same principle as you would doing anything else in your life, don’t try to do it at all, just get it done. Make the plan, follow it step by step. Don’t try to accomplish the next step, do it. It means the difference between life and death.


By taking this attitude, which is simply a mental adjustment, you should notice a change in your daily activities. Why? Because you are doing something different, obviously, taking a step never taken before with the end-game being accomplishment. Otherwise you are bullshitting yourself. Good Luck.





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