standard Jesse Ventura Exposes The Bilderberg Group

Jesse Ventura Vs The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group is a powerful group who many think rule the world and was exposed on TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

The power elite in question control the money, the people, world resources, economics, governments, and are said to have genocidal plans for depopulation.

Depopulation means killing people or more effectively, preventing them from being born, just to be clear.

These men are the real deal, tried and true boogeymen and I assure you they are not hard to identify.

If the “self branded” 99% have complaints they should direct them to these men, who were probably thousands of miles away from your meaningless protest in some calm communist nation having brunch trying to figure out exactly what your demands were and decided not to show it any further concern once the hot waitress showed up with the tea and cheese.

For more powerful results the blame should be on us for allowing slighted slavery to persist.


The Bilderberg Group Kills, Softly

I don’t generally get into spooky facts anymore but I will say I was impressed that TruTV had the balls to cover the Georgia Guidestones during a television program about the Bilderberg Group.

The Georgia Guidestones seem to me to be the foundation behind soft-kill technology such as are claimed to be the purposes of many vaccines and medications.

The Bilderberg Group

Everyone has to have a website!

(Don’t take the viciously promoted flu shot!)

By: VizFact

TruTV Exposes The Bilderberg Group

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