standard Truth, The DNA of God

Truth The DNA of God

Occasionally, I find myself observing the mass populace. I may be stopped at a red light, or looking out the office windows when I’m at work, or simply watching TV or browsing the web, and I notice that people are in search of something.

It dawned on me that everyone has one thing in common. No, I am not about to say that we are all biological organisms, that would be, far, too advanced for you.

It dawned on me that every one of us, good or bad, professional or rat-racer, slave or master, pimp or whore, mutant or human, are always on the hunt for one thing; the truth.

There are many different types of truths though, like, true love, your true calling, your true friends, your true meaning on earth, your true self, money or your true calling for getting it – in life…you get the idea.

Do You Deserve The Truth?

I guess my question is do you, me, or anyone else out there actually deserve it? I am referring to that wonderful honor and power of knowing the truth. This is my attempt to instill culture. I have my moments.

Truth goes by many names, honesty, “real”, “100”, genuine, full flavored, you know what I mean. My favorite name is the DNA of GOD.

Why is the truth important?

The Truth is the fundamental building block of morality. Generally, if you don’t use, exercise or embrace the DNA of GOD, you lose in life. Ever notice that? The liers and frauds and those that speak lies with their mouths, over their tongues past their cheeks, generally have the worse health problems or marital problems and issues of ethics and the mutherfuckers steal too, ok, let me not get into a rant, but they make shit difficult for us good folk.

Do you  deserve the truth? Are you a man ?

No, if you do not put into the world, truths, then you deserve to suffer in every possible way, in my brutally beloved opinion. The power of a man, and what he can influence, his situational outcomes, his wealth building ability, his wife loving ability and the way he is perceived by others, are greatly influenced by his use of the truth.

Do you deserve real love? Do you deserve honest friends?

Do you deserve the unlimited upward possibilities that life offers?

Lets see it we can find out with a couple of simple questions…

Do you keep your word?

Do you represent the truth?


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  • Anonymous

    I must say that I disagree with you.  Even though many claim that they’re looking for truth, honesty, people who keep it real, etc., much of the time that’s nothing but talk.  Maybe they BELIEVE they want the truth, but what they really want is for people to tell them what they want to hear. They want a sugar-coated version. They want to be told they’re right. They want to be told that everything will be ok and that they’ve done nothing to cause their current situation. They want to be told that they’re the victim and that everything else is the other person’s fault.  It’s amazing how fast their attitude changes when they have a friend or person in their life that tells them the real truth.

    That is how you determine your true friends.  A true friend will tell you the truth, even when it hurts (and the truth DOES hurt many times). There are far too many people who say they want honesty, and when they have someone in their life that’s upfront with them, they don’t know how to deal with it. Quite often they take it badly and accuse the honest person of not being a real friend, when the opposite is actually true.

    So in this matter, I must disagree with you…unless you want to stretch the definition of “truth” to include being told what you want to hear. 🙂

    People that give truth are those that also deserve truth. What would make anyone believe that they deserve honesty when they don’t give it?

    • I understand where you are coming from but I was more or less hitting on the idea that your ability to keep your word may have an influence on how your life is, or will be.

      • Anonymous

        Well, I consider myself to be an honest person. I don’t promise to do things unless I’m sure I can keep my word, and frankly my life sucks, so I’m not sure that has much to do with it LOL

        • Things could be worse, and generally people take their lives for granite until they lose something or come down a notch.

  • Truth to some is as hard as finding a Cabbage patch kid on aisle 4 at ten p.m. on Christmas day. Others fall over it and still don’t see it! what your really looking for, if I may expound on your post is the measure of a man or woman..the rate at which they can see and absorb the situations around them and react accordingly without malice or need for self-deprication. truth to some is easy, but first you MUST know one’s self inside and out and love it,  good or bad , scared or ugly..Then truth comes..truth will live inside you and truth will exude from you!

  • TF

    I suppose Confucius, and/or the sages put it best, when they said that a man was naturally good, and would tend to lean toward doing good, if left totally uninfluenced, and that if a man wasn’t good, after observation, it would be found that his leaders had influenced him in a way that doing bad seemed right.  The example he used was that of pouring out water, if you poured it out, it would run where it ran, (usually downhill) to the east or west, but if you created a dam, or placed a water wheel, it could be caused to run the opposite way, but after time it will begin to run back toward good/down hill.  I tend to agree with this, I may be wrong, but think of yourself when you were young, before you had any real influence.  Now remember the influences and decide for yourslef.

    I feel it is our right to know the truth.  I have been told, maybe I couldn’t handle the truth, maybe I’d be better off not knowing the truth.  Many truths have been hidden from us for different reasons, and I think that is just sad. 

    I was raised christian.  We celebrated Christmas, and had Jesus and Santa Clause, and all of that, I guess deep down inside I always knew mom and dad were santa clause, as did they, and their parents before them.  We had Easter, and the Easter bunny always brought us a easter basket ole Peter Cotton tail, but ofcourse it was about the birth of Jesus.  Then we have Our God, the Creator of all, to us, the one and only true God.  As it says in the bible, but even his people set up idols, and groves on every high hill, under every green tree and provoked him to anger, has anything changed. 

    Do you mix the truth with a lie, or is it all lies.  Is there any truth, or do none know.  I’ve read so much”Truth”  I was taught that all have sinned, therefor all need forgiveness.  I know I’m the only one that is responsible for my situation, and I am the only one that can fix it, and that no magical being is going to come set it right for me.  I want to believe in all that stuff, but, Once bitten twice shy, a burned child dreads fire, 2 Lies about magical beings, 2 more magical beings being presented, and to ask for proof is somehow a sin ?   I will continue to believe, there is no harm in that, but I have a lot of unbelief also.  What about all the other 5000 year old books, have you read any of them, I’ve read some of the english translations.  Talk about wild, some of that stuff is just unbelievable.  Some of it has to be true, some of it has to be false.

    I think we deserve to know what is true and what is false, I know that the only thing that can save humanity is to quit killing one another, and to start Loving one another.  Live and let live.  Love all Serve all.  I guess it’s a lost cause, it will never happen. 

    I guess the only truth for me, is you live and you die, and you have to try to make the best of it, and the only way to know if there is something else is to die and see what happens next.