standard The Trayvon Martin Killing & Our Legal Concept of Race

For Trayvon Martin, and The American People

Update 3/28/2012: This post was written before all the facts about the case were known and they are still trickling out. However, it remains unedited because this post wasn’t about Trayvon Martin, it is about the legal concept of race.

It doesn’t matter that Trayvon Martin’s murderer wasn’t technically racially white because according to the reports I have heard, and certain historic rulings from certain Supreme Courts, George Zimmerman was very much culturally white by legal standards.

George Zimmerman lived in what I am going to term in a least sophisticated way: a white area, hence (in a unbecoming assumption of how George Zimmerman may have felt) “the nerve” of that young “black” walking through “our” neighborhood.


The Trayvon Martin murder’s Hate Crime Status

Did you take the time to question why the effort is being expended by the media to guide the narrative in a direction away from a race killing/hate crime?


The VizFactian Theory


I think its because we don’t understand, nor do “they” want us to understand, the legal classification (legal classificatory concept) of race/ethnicity in The United States of America. (As far as legalities go, more on that later.)

Its for the same reason that “Uncle Toms” Hate “Hood Niggas”, and for the same reason that African immigrants, black Mexicans, and Hispanics are labelled as white in jail (on their arm bands in the Houston, Harris County, Texas jails).

Also, black immigrants from Africa do not (and should not) qualify for affirmative actions which are targeted to those born as descendants of African slaves as was the case of Mustafa Hefny. Those same descendants are now suffering a new form of freedom based monetary slavery, along with their white counterparts, mastered by the Federal Reserve. I call, this, my friendly little concept: The full and complete Niggerization of the American People.

[Cheapskate Footnote] White Americans and other Americans who are subject to a social security number suffer the black condition as well, so no, you aren’t special. You are just made to feel special so you won’t ask, or investigate, the important questions about what race really means. (Reminds me of those sovereign citizen nutjobs, maybe they have a point.)



Famous Obama Quote: “Let me be clear”

The, what I am educating you on, legal term “Black” does not (intrinsically) represent a race of people per se, so much as it is a cultural classification commonly, yet improperly, attached to appearance and/or suspected genetics.

To tastelessly illustrate some form of a non slippery context – I will say this: [Legally] Poor people defined as “white trash” are likely to be considered legally black (by Supreme Court standards) if from The Hood, and white if they are not, however, they are not legally as white as blacks who may be culturally white.

In other words, the term “Black” is nothing more than a legal classification set aside for the leftovers of American slavery. However, as demonstrated by The Colorado Supremes in a Denver Courtroom during a September, 6th, 1989 ruling where blonde haired, blue eyed, physically white, Mary Christine Walker, was ordered a new birth certificate on the demand Supreme Court Judge John Brooks Jr, to declare this white lady, black.

Why was Mary Christine Walker legally declared black? Its simple, Its the law. And the law states in no uncertain terms, that race is a matter of cultural identification, and is not to be taken as, or considered as, anthropological in nature.

Us Census Bureau
Federal Directive 15 – May 12th 1977
Race and Ethnic Standards For Federal Statistics and Administrative Reporting.
Race classifications should not be interpreted as being scientific or anthropological in nature.

[Cheapskate Footnote #2] “Cultural Identification” is the legal standard for defining race, not your parents.

Mary Christine Walker, listed herself as black on a job application and was accused of lying on said job application, in an attempt to take advantage of minority hiring practices. She sued the Denver School board and won, then the Denver School Board appealed, and she beat’em again.

The white lady (by visual standards) said she was black, and the Colorado Supreme Court agreed.

Why Did the Colorado Supreme Court Rule That A Blonde Haired Blue Eyed White Woman Was Lawfully Black?

  • She claimed to be black on her job application
  • In her adolescent years, she found herself at home in the black culture.
  • She dated black men.
  • She went to a black church.
  • She was a member of black social clubs.

The reason the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Mary Christine Walker was in fact, black (remember, black is nothing more than a legal classification), is because she was an active member of the black community.

Case closed. (Twice)


Notable Source Links

A Very Black Man Declared White by the State

A Very White Woman Declared Black by the State

Lawfully, I see a Hate Crime

If lawful race classification is based on cultural identification (and it is), then why is the notoriously deceptive mainstream media (Ya know, TV and Cable News) throwing out the fact that this child was likely shot as a result of his skin tone and cultural identification and appearance being his fault, thus, motivating his murder by George Zimmerman who, based on his obvious animus for this young man, was, culturally, a white confederate centuries removed from the days of legal lynching.

Oh that’s right, the shooter wasn’t scientifically white, but based on my superior (craft-fully hypothesized) assumption, he’s certainly culturally white.

If the saying, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” is to be respected, then why can’t we legally classify George Zimmerman as white right quick (as if you have to be genetically white to commit a hate crime), and prosecute his ass under the hate crimes act. Otherwise, why do we even have unnecessary hate crimes laws if we aren’t going to use them for obvious hate crimes?

(Hate crime laws are silly and unnecessary because a hate crime is already the commission of an illegal act, the Godlike State of Government has decided to prosecute criminal emotion, and thought in conjunction with the actual crime.)

Now that I have framed the narrative to make it easier to understand the concept of my original question relating to the great pains being made to move this discussion away from a hate crimes debate, which it should be, do you now understand why I think its important that government controlled media keep this from being a hate crime?

Because Zimmerman isn’t white, although a Jewish name, he is claiming to be Hispanic, but culturally, white. Just as white as Mary Christine Walker is black, culturally.



Anecdotal evidence Justifying Trayvon Martin’s Murder as a Hate Crime

  • If a black man had murdered a white child in the same fashion as Trayvon Martin, they would have made sausages out of his ass on the spot, yet Mr. George Zimmerman was free to go post murder. (When was the last time one of the Hispanics homies from the barrio was just free to go after killing someone? – Culturally white.)
  • It happened to black child in a white (gated community) neighborhood.
  • He seems to have uttered the racial slur coon, under his breath while on the phone with police dispatch.
  • The police told George Zimmerman not to stalk Trayvon Martin.
  • The child was unarmed.
  • If the Trayvon Martin was a white child do you think Zimmerman would have stalked, harassed, denigrated, then shot the boy dead like a rapid dog?
  • The dead child was drug tested after being murdered, the murderer was set free without being drug tested. (It seems the police tried to exonerate George Zimmerman on the scene by attempting to make a dope-fiend out of the victim. The child was clean, with no drugs in his system.)

The sad part about all this, Trayvon Martin’s father lives in the same neighborhood as Mr Zimmerman. That’s why he was there Mr Zimmerman, his father is your neighbor.


  • Huge public outcry. More than 1.5 million people have already signed the petition which can be found at


Race & Legal Status: Zimmerman Murder of Trayvon Martin, a Hate Crime

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    I think you  did a crappy job on your research

    •  Thanks for sharing your opinion. I may just have to agree with you. But first, I must ask, research on which part?

  • sovery good

    Yes his father is a German Jew. His mother is Peruvian. He’s not being arrested because the sheriff’s department doesn’t care and because this happened in Florida. Florida has had Latino/Black tension up the wazoo for years. I’ve spoken to a few people who live in Florida about this case and they’re telling me that lots of Latinos are already condemning Martin and blaming him for his own murder. Blacks want zimmermans head. Expect this to get ugly for Florida. Florida is a steaming ball of hate when it comes to racism. In Florida Whites hate everyone, Blacks don’t like Hispanics and are always weary of Whites, and Hispanics talk ish about Whites and are disgusted by Blacks. Trust me… you don’t want to be there if Zimmerman is acquitted a year from now.

    The jews are ABOVE THE LAW. FBI racists and incompetentos did NOT arrest BERNARD MADOFF. YET they were running like MAD RATS locking muslims after 9-11 FALSE FLAG inside job.


    They did not CATCH and indite Kerry Dunn or Lori DUNN on TERRORISM charges. They MURDERED Imam LUQMAN who was a SAINT, just like this son of a jew murdered a black kid, infact, worse by setting dogs on him.

    The FBI incompetentos paid 5.8 million FINE to Steven Hatfill, but only because he was a WHITE !!!! race !!!!

    This kid is a christian black so there is more an issue. If he was a muslim black the media would be QUIETTTTT !!!!

    Obama is brought to BRIBE the Christian blacks and SEPARATE them from Muslim Blacks.

    Honorable Minster Luis Farrakhan is totally kosher and not an IOTA Anti-semitic. The real anti-semites are the jews with criminal mindset themselves.

    Many jew police chiefs and jew judges are the curse of corruption on america. I urge the remove of the Khazar Kagan.

    The FACT is that 20+ jews men and women converged on DUBAI to MURDER one guy and make it look like a NATURAL DEATH. They came on many EUROPEAN PASSPORTS and the USA passports and the white racist and jewish establishments of USA and EUROPE kept their MOUTHS SHUTTTTTT !!! on this !!!!!

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