standard To the GOP, With Love

Heartfelt Love Letter to the GOP

Dear GOP,

It’s increasingly apparent that you still believe you can win this year’s presidential election without the Ron Paul supporters. Listening and comprehending clearly aren’t skills most of you possess, so if you have either of those on your resumes, please remove them now. I’ll wait.

Now, let me reiterate what we’ve been telling you all along. You cannot win this election without us. Unlike other candidates’ supporters, we do not change our minds or our loyalties, because we know that our candidate is the only choice if we want real change (the good kind, not the kind Obama delivered).

Even some Dems love PaulIt’s sad that you haven’t heeded our warnings. Maybe you think we’re pulling your leg, and that you can strong arm us into voting for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. Think again.

Perhaps the ass would have been a more appropriate symbol for the Republican party. After all, that’s what you’re making yourselves look like each time primary or caucus results come rolling in.

Better yet, they should just roll the Democrats & Republicans into the Republicrat party and assign the ass to it, because they are all the same these days. Bigger government, more intrusion on peoples’ rights, more war.  Enough said.


We Love Ron Paul…for Good Reason!

We love Ron Paul, and we will not falter in our mission to continue the fight for truth, honesty, and integrity.

If you don’t come to your senses and start using your brains to vote, you WILL lose this November. That is a guarantee, because nearly all of Paul’s supporters will write him in, ensuring a second term for the Obamanator.

Maybe you simply can’t wrap your minds around it, so let’s put this in a way that even a 3-year old would get it:


There. Was that better?  One of these candidates is not like the other. And all of the others are exactly the same…they love stealing freedom from the American people.

If you’re going to vote for Romney or Gingrich, you may as well just stay home and let Obama win a 2nd term. They are both Obama 2.0.

All of them have decided the Constitution is something they can wipe their butts on. They do not care about you. They care only about themselves and the NWO agenda. They will turn us into slaves of the government. End of discussion.

Bad decisions like this are what’s destroyed this once-great country, and it’s time people start taking responsibility for their role in it.

You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem. Even kids understand that they can’t do the same things repeatedly and expect different results, so what would possess you to believe that??

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  (Albert Einstein)

Ron Paul deserves love from the GOP

Ron Paul

Einstein must have had a psychic vision of us at this point in time. If he were still alive, I bet even he would love Ron Paul.

The good news is that there’s still time for many of you to make the smart decision, and vote for the only real candidate….the one who has consistency, honesty, and integrity on his side. The only one who cares about YOU by fighting to uphold the liberties that each of us are entitled to.

Ron Paul is the voice of freedom-loving Americans, and the real change this country needs….not the scary kind you’ve been getting for the past 3 years that you’ll continue to get with any other choice!

I hope that you’ll give this some serious consideration.

With love,
One of Many Concerned Citizens

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Show Ron Paul some love or we WILL give you Obama back!

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