standard The U S Credit Rating Downgraded Again?

These people are good.

All the while – people are all caught up with the Trayvon Martin case (and Roger Clemens’ old ass was just pulled out of the emergency kit and dusted off just the other day right?) America is collapsing right under our noses.

Wonder why?

Its designed that way. (See Money Masters)

I guess the empire didn’t want us to know that the UNITED STATES CREDIT RATING WAS DOWNGRADED A SECOND TIME.

Look, I don’t normally resort to pathetic brain shrinking acts such using CAPS but that’s all I could think of for the moment.

Check out the video.

Reality Check U S Credit Rating Downgraded A Second Time In Just 9 Months

A Second US Credit Rating Downgrade?

I listen to news talk radio. I didn’t hear about this. I like to think I am in the loop with my ear to the streets on shit and I was totally was unaware that this second credit rating downgrade had happened. Well fret not my friends I am still in the game baby. This video just got uploaded to YouTube yesterday so I am not too shabby in my lazy mode, lol.

All I can say is … wow.


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