standard Televising Mind Control

Televised Mind Control

I can not count the times that I have ordered power to the TV by use of my remote-key-troll and saw something that I felt was not in the highest best interest of our culture as whole. You may say, “Is this VizFact character crazy?”, or, “Of coarse television is out of hand!“, or better yet “lmfao”, but I’m referring to a more sinister concept.

The degradation of humanity as whole, the destruction of the critical thinking capacity of average people, the trashification of our youth, the propagandistic misinformation being feed to the people regarding politics and world events (to name a few subjects), I could go on forever, is far more sinister than it simply being out of hand. Its mind control.

Televised Mind Control!

The sad truth is the only thing worth watching is the NFL! (lol, I’m kidding, no I am not, Season starts this week! Go Texans!) See what I mean, I have even fallen victim to the well-placed distractions brought into popularity by using television as a primary medium.

Although there is nothing wrong with entertainment, there is something wrong when entertainment trumps high quality journalism, or culturally intellectually infusing brain food, which is sadly, rare or NOT SEEN on TV in many cases, other than mind control attempts which may use this type of programming as conduit.


Do you ever get that “nothings on” feeling when disgracefully turning on your television in search of truth or something new? The truth is, there are over 300 channels on the dial nowadays so there is always something on.

Today’s programming aka mind control tends to be loaded with bullshit. Your natural God-given intelligence subconsciously wants to learn, or more importantly, engage truth. When the television doesn’t provide sought knowledge or truths, which you shouldn’t be using the Television in this manner in the first place, you get turned off. (Turned off, a sexual phrase spawned by television. I don’t why I pointed that out. Maybe its related to the automobile, I digress in parenthesis so be careful round here.)

When I turn on my television I want entertainment. Good entertainment. Entertainment on an intellectual level. But why should the TV [media] provide us this jewel? Many of its most ardent users are dumb-asses, probably because of the useless information being unknowingly forced on the brain of these users. These people are victims of mind control.

There is still good stuff on TV, its just hard to find. My mom loves mysteries, but they seem to have dried up. There you have it, something TV did right, which fostered critical thinking, which is now  elusive. Alfred Hitchcock was great in a dirty way and did promote morality in its own twisted moral of the story type of way, for example.


TV Is No Longer Culturally Positive or Uplifting

Seems that Television has suck-ceeded in making homosexuality mainstream while demonizing you for having a say about it. Well I have a say about it!; eat me!

(Find me one episode of Andy Griffith, Dobie Gillis, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, [Mork and Mindy and Bossom Buddies doesn’t count, they were the beginning] or any of the old school shows which champion gayness and I pay you cash money, 100$ – in 20 easy installments of 5 bucks….bimonthly)


Would you leave the security of the village to the care of a homosexual defense team?

Likely not. Which is why I believe that straight men, whether they admit it or not, have big problems with homosexuals and they may not understand why.


If you leave the village to the care of a homosexual then does the village ever reproduce and grow?


The human mind and spirit is pre-programmed to want to reproduce biologically and to defend its young. If another village is exclusively homosexual, then it would die out in 1 generation. Provide care for what young?

Two homosexuals cannot create life and the Lamestream champion of homosexuality, the media, promotes this shit. I am not for or against homosexuality, I’m just saying.

But since we are on the topic of homosexuality why hasn’t big pharma produced a prescription drug for this obvious mental sexuality disorder? Nature clearly didn’t intend for man to lie down with man, otherwise they would be able to reproduce.

Nature does provide examples of asexual organisms capable of reproduction, but that’s asexual, and it it doesn’t work with humanity. All of natures gay species are extinct, for obvious reasons.

This subject probably won’t be touched on television in any meaningful way. TV is way too touchy feely and concerned with how people feel. The gay community is a small minority. The Media caters to them because it is promoting homosexuality, not because it will impact their ratings. The gay community is so small that their is nothing they can impact, but they have the loudest voice. Why? I won’t answer that question anymore, I am just glad I got you thinking.

The destruction of the once powerful family unit does come to mind though.

I got love for everybody, gays too. You are what you are… I guess.


The Media Cannot Be Trusted, Unless We’re Buying Mind Control

The slimy corporate media simply cannot be trusted. Look at how they have seemingly black-balled Ron Paul. Think about how much news the press doesn’t cover anymore, and then when they reluctantly feature the truth, they add a nasty slant. Its pathetic. Go take a bath you bastards.

What ever happened to real journalism when the reporter didn’t get his news from a VNR (video news release) then regurgitated someone else’s reporting, or re-airing prepackaged media depending on who you are talking to (which suggests the possibility of state run media in America), and actually did some research and got the story?

As much as I hated that skank (as a kid) April O’Neil (of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame) she kicked ass and did whatever it took to get the story; a certified whore for the truth for the benefit of the people. Where is our April O’Neil? (!)

Hahaha! A terrible example, but it makes my case – so it will do.


The Internet Is The New King of Media

This blog represents free speech at its finest. This isn’t seen on TV, the ideas and concepts not mentioned on TV and if you weren’t as smart as you are, you would be watching TV and missing this brilliant theater of the mind as it plays out. Damn I’m smooth, in fact, I am a damn fine man, a fine fine blogger, and a pillar to the community and not seen on TV!

With the internets and all, we can share information, do real journalism, do real interviews via conversation with people from all walks of life. My slant and spin can directly engage your slant or spin and there is no “Smoking Man from X-Files” to steer shit in the direction of a dark agenda that we may or may not be aware of, as is with corporate run, seems like state run, media.


Then There Are The Radical TV Haters

Due to TV’s impact on your pathetic little brain, via mind control, I have to keep my blog posts short and readable because attention spans are so short in modernity likely because of the mental destruction caused by the mass hypnotism and brain destruction of television.

I used the phrase Radical TV Haters because a thought outside of the common mainstream view is by definition, radical. Radical is one of my favorite words. The definition is…

rad·i·cal   [rad-i-kuhl]
1. of or going to the root or origin; fundamental: a radical difference.
2. thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms: a radical change in the policy of a company.
3. favoring drastic political, economic, or social reforms: radical ideas; radical and anarchistic ideologues.
4. forming a basis or foundation.
5. existing inherently in a thing or person: radical defects of character.

You just got to love that word and if you are an American and you don’t hold this word special you have a serious mental problem. America is Radical! Jesus Christ, Extremely radical and strongly against tradition! Freedom is Radical! Liberty is Radical! Not Trusting The Guhment is Radical!

Pretty soon, Having a job will be radical! Publishing your opinion in public, is radical! Anything funny is radical! Anything controversial is Radical! So love and embrace that word, become it, and check out these videos by radical TV Haters! The Truth…Radical


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 TV Mind Control is Dangerous, Culturally and Mentally

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