standard The Soldier Life: False Promises vs. Reality

War: A Soldier’s Prescription for Depression and Suicide


Countless young men and women walk into military recruitment offices with a hope and a dream.

They’re driven by the hope of obtaining a free college education and job training.

And they’re enticed by the dream of becoming a courageous soldier, an American hero, who is willing to sacrifice his or her life defending our great country.

The recruiter’s goal is to sell you an opportunity, and young people excitedly buy into it.

But it isn’t long before honorable intentions turn into an unshakeable nightmare when you realize they’ve sold your soul to the devil.

Soldier carrying child

Because what the recruiters don’t give you is the truth. And sometimes they outright lie.

They conveniently forget to tell you what war really does to a solider.

What it looks and feels like to torture and murder people who have done nothing wrong.

Or how overwhelming the guilt and shame become when you realize you aren’t the person you used to be and that your life will never be the same.

They don’t tell you how many of your fellow soldiers commit suicide each year because the reality of the military and war is far different from the fantasy they’re trying to sell you.

Once they have you, you can’t go back.

You can’t erase what you’ve seen and done.

You can’t escape.

So many escape the only way they can. They take their own lives.


Unveiling the Truth of Life as a Soldier


This is a very powerful video, that will hopefully open your eyes to what the real military experience is like.

War doesn’t just result in the deaths of “terrorists” or strangers, it claims the lives of thousands of our very own soldiers, our beloved friends and family members, each year.

May God bless each and every soldier and protect their bodies, minds, and hearts.



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The Fantasy vs. the Reality of Being a Soldier

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