standard The Resurgence of the Japanese War Machine

While we were sleeping, former NAZI ally, “Japan” has quietly rebuilt its military power, have a movie in production which glorifies the infamous Kamikaze (aka the Divine Wind) pilots of the World War II era, and are currently turning down would-be recruits into its “Self Defense Force”.

I personally don’t think the remilitarization of Japan is a bad idea, but I wonder if its a good idea. Considering that Japan is territorial, wants more land, and see the Chinese as sub-human (save it for another debate), Japan could possibly turn against the Unites States one day, and as we all know, history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

In conjunction with the video, for which we hold no opinion, we feel the world would be a better place if we share our opinion with its inhabitants. 🙂

The Good Part About Japan Remilitarizing

North Korea. That poor country doesn’t have plumbing, and their leaders are always talking shit and threatening to nuke America with their duct taped stitched ballistic missiles that might hit Hawaii. Also, with the rise of China and their rush to rival the U.S. Military, having a pal in the area with a history of chin-checking the Chinese might not be a bad idea if push comes to shove.

Potential Negatives of a Japanese Military Superpower

Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution prohibits the use their military for war, however, powerful politicians in Japan are working to change that. A 9/11 style, or worse, terror attack in Tokyo would probably make legalizing war as easy as invading Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there.

Another point worth noting is that the push to remilitarize Japan is being influenced by the United States. Some Japanese feel that if they remilitarize, they will lose their independence and become an arm of the U.S. Military. The dying message, if Japan changes their Constitution, they will lose their independence as a bi-product of ramped up U.S. Military pressure.

The Resurgence of the Japanese War Machine

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