standard The NFL’s Overhyped ProBowl is Worthless

No one cares about the ProBowl

There, I said it.

Its true. No one that I know ever even uses the phrase. We as fans don’t give damn about the ProBowl because its meaningless. Its a pointless game with no ramifications, no benefits, and no reason to sit around for 3 hours to watch that extremely distracting waste of time.

However, I do have a few ideas to help the ProBowl and it doesn’t involve playing football.

In the following list I will share my vision of what the Pro-Bowl should be, and how to get me to watch it. Before we get started I think the NFL should take a que from the NBA and make the Pro-Bowl event based. Here’s my list.

  • Get the top 32 Quarterbacks together and lets see who can throw the farthest, also add ball delivery time in a contest too.
  • Get The top 32 Quarterbacks and lets see who can throw the farthest and most accurate. (Put some targets out there.)
  • Who can run the fastest with regard to their respective positions?
  • Who can bench press the most weight?
  • Then on the (make the ProBowl a 2 day event) second day, play the regular game, with 10 minute quarters.
  • Give all the teams a bye week mid season, then put the ProBowl dead smack in the middle of the season. (Make it flag football or light “hit” football to limit injuries.)
  • Give it some teeth! The winning Conference gets two additional wild card slots for wild card weekend!  (Or something like that)

I am not saying my list is perfect but trust me, it’s very, very close.

Lets face it, the Pro Bowl sucks and we have to come to grips with that. No matter how many times they talk about the Pro Bowl during regular season games, the NFL Network, or the playoffs, it sucks and I don’t wanna watch it. In addition, going to a Pro-Bowl gives you no credibility with me or anyone I consider other fans (people I watch football with). End of Story.

The NFL can let the fans pick all the players they want (I know I do), it still sucks ass cause its a missable game. In other words, game that I don’t care if I miss in fact, I can see my self sliding a disc into my PS3 while the Pro Bowl is on.

However, if you told me that some unknown QB like Matt Schaub throws the farthest in the NFL it may give me a reason to watch the Houston Texans if I had never heard of them (ie.,) live in a city where they may play once every 2 – 4 years.

Got any ideas of additions for the list of events?
By VizFact

No one cares about the ProBowl

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