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Understanding The Power of Paper

The power of paper is a concept that doesn’t get enough respect among the people who are most affected by its grimacing power of consequence. You don’t have to be a lawyer to get an understanding of how you can take advantage of the power of paper and how you can defend yourself from it.

I believe that all you would need is a keen understanding of how paper functions in modern society and how you could use it for your own best interests. Tools for the task would include maybe a dictionary, some common sense, and a short bit of time to bring together a foundation to make paper part of a soft arsenal that should work in your favor.The power of paper

Slavery in its modern form is perpetrated by paper and enforced by arms (or imprisonment) which, if painted to make an artistic rendition, would likely reflect a man being forced to choose between fiat freedom, or harsh civil (societal) penalties.

The Power of Paper in Action

For example, in the United States in most, if not all states, you need a license to drive or operate a motor vehicle. In other words, you need permission from the government to drive your vehicle regardless of if they bought it or not.

You have to get permission from the state to drive the vehicle you bought and purchase insurance, pay for registration with the state, and pay for an inspection by the state. This may not be a bad thing, and it probably isn’t good, but all 3 of the above items are nothing more than paper no matter how you look at it.

Back to slavery, now that we have made it clear that you must obtain official permission to use something you already own, on roads you have already paid for, if you do not comply with the requirements of the 3 items outlined you can easily become a criminal subject to imprisonment.

I clearly understand that driver licenses, insurance, vehicle registration, the states forcing me to put my seat-belt on in my own car risking my own life (which is mine to risk), and state mandated vehicle inspections are great ideas; I was just making an example of how powerful paper really is when enforced by armed men with live fire weapons backed up by courts and prisons when it comes to something relatively crimeless.

I’m not going Ralph Nader on ya I’m just making an example of sorts.

The commentary below offers a far more articulate insight as to how a person could harness the power of paper for themselves via use of an affidavit. I highly recommend giving it a serious look and be sure to share this post or the video below with others.


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Understanding The Power of Paper

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