standard The ‘Obamanation’ Interactive Painting

Artist Creates Interactive ‘Obamanation’ Anti-Obama Painting


Artist Jon McNaughton has created an interactive anti-Obama painting that incorporates 60 symbolic details that tell the story of Barack Obama‘s failures as President.

This fascinating work of art can be viewed online at McNaughton’s website, where he embedded links explain the symbols in the painting.  On the site, he also explains why he created the painting:

I chose to use an undisclosed studio so I could paint privately, without interruption, to focus on the task of embedding in a single painting all the subtle, mindless, radical and dangerous atrocities of the Obama administration.

I am just one person, a citizen of this country using my first amendment rights to speak out through my art.  This is my declaration that we have never had a president do more to harm our country than Barack Obama.

To those who scoff or wish to trivialize this painting, I challenge you… I DARE YOU… study the links of the various symbols and metaphors that you see.  There are over 60 in the painting.  No person can analyze this image and learn about these facts and still, in good conscience, vote for Obama in 2012.

Here is a brief video where he describes the painting and the inspiration behind it.

Kudos to Mr. McNaughton for creating such an amazing and powerful piece of art. I encourage you to head over to his website and check it out.

Don’t forget to send any of your friends and family who are still Obama supporters over there too. Maybe they’ll learn something.


‘Obamanation’ – Jon McNaughton


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The Interactive ‘Obamanation’ Painting

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