standard The Muslim Brotherhood in America

What You Need to Know About the Muslim Brotherhood & Shariah


I stumbled upon the video below, and feel this is something that every American needs to watch. It is very eye-opening.

Frank Gaffney, of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC, warns that most of us are unaware of the great threat of the “totalitarian supremacist Islamic doctrine” known as Shariah.

Shariah, which is the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, is both anti-Constitutional and seditious.  This video gives a brief overview of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, and how it is infiltrating our government.

If you have time, I recommend you watch all 10 parts of the video briefing which are available on YouTube.

In practice, shariah is a comprehensive, totalitarian, and supremacist Islamic politico-legal-military program.

  • Anti-constitutional
  • Brutally repressive
  • Intended to be imposed world-wide


Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview



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The Muslim Brotherhood in America

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