standard The Muslim Agenda

A shocking movie which points the nasty dastardly deed finger at Islam, a great religion said to be about peace, while reviewing some of the key tenets of Islam along with some panic, that some say is unfounded, about the declining birthrates of the British people in combination with the rise in Muslim birthrates which many believe will lead to the “Islamic State of Great Britain”.


This movie plays upon the justified fears of the narrator that Muslims in Europe want to transform the United Kingdom into an Islamic State.

As the video begins you can expect a few minutes of media talking point clips, clips of the aftermath of the bombing of a Christian church by Muslims, and random clips of other news reports covering murders, honor killings, and other medieval bullshit that proves Muslims think we still live in the ancient times.

The only thing we’re missing is a 40 day flood.

One of the first points made in the film is the comparison of Islam with the dictionary definition of a “cult”. Islam is more of a brainwashed political cult than it is a religion.

One of the smartest documentaries ever produced. Share your opinions below.

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