standard The Mark of The Beast: Its Beginning!!

India To Build Biometric Database

I can’t believe this, those idiots in India are falling for it.

The Indian government, in India, are about to scan over 2 billion irises in an enormous task to have her people tagged in their massive new biometric database. The masters of the state in India claim the benefits of a less corrupt government far outweigh any remedial privacy concerns caused by so much personal data of private citizens being stored in the trusting hands of government.



They are going to have to gather over 12 billion fingerprints and over 2 billion eyescans. What if they all farted simultaneously?

Justifying The Mark of The Beast

The justification for this over reaching monstrosity of government godliness is to expand and assist the welfare state in India.

That’s all we have to do? Have a hunger crisis and the sheeple will line up to be registered into the guhment database? Its like counting pigs. After all, the whole point of counting them is to feed em right?



They’re puttin’ it all on the computer!

Biometric gathering is the new in thing in India as the numskull citizenry are all lining up to receive this mark so they can participate in society. The implication is they can participate in society after they get their unique 12 digit ID number.

They aren’t necessarily being chipped per se, but its the same thing. They’re just getting their socialism security numbers like we got here in America.

Unless China or the USA has beat them to the punch, India is about to have the world largest slave-human database.


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The Mark of The Beast: Its Beginning!!

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