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You Can No Longer Decide What Your Kids Eat For Lunch


School officials at a pre-school in North Carolina told a 4-year old girl that the lunch her mother packed for her was not healthy enough to eat.

A lunch inspector said that it wasn’t a “USDA-approved lunch with the following guidelines: one serving of meat, one serving of grains, and two servings of fruit or vegetables.”

What was in the little girl’s lunch?

Well, it turns out that her mom had packed a turkey sandwich, apple juice, potato chips, and a banana.  Yep, that sounds horribly unhealthy, doesn’t it?!

The school provided the child with a lunch, and sent the one her mom packed back home with her. They included a bill for $1.25 for the lunch they served the child and a note telling the mother that the lunch she packed didn’t meet the USDA guidelines.

Understandably, the mother was furious.

She sent an anonymous letter to her local newspaper and contacted her state representative. The school apologized when the representative contacted them.

Why? Because it turns out that the home made lunch DID meet the guidelines for the USDA-approved lunches.


 And Just Why is the School Policing Your Kid’s Lunch??

I don’t have any children, but I find it very disturbing that schools now have lunch inspectors that are digging through children’s lunch bags to decide if they’re allow to eat what the parents sent to school with them.

They have no right whatsoever to tell you what you can feed your kids or refuse to let them eat what you gave them.

Police state, anyone?

If you aren’t concerned, you better get concerned….and fast.

Not only will it continue, but this kind of nonsense will get worse until people stop tolerating the government snooping into every crevice of their lives and trying to tell them what they can and can’t do.



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Stay Out of My Kid’s Lunch!

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