standard The Islamic State (Of Mayhem and Death)

These people of the peaceful religion known as Islam even have children ready to kill whoever stands in the way of their expansion of the fast growing “Islamic State”.

[Sarcasm] Seems President Obama’s plans of growing the Islamic threat to the United States has been advancing more and more as we hear of sicko Arabs claiming their intent to raise their flag at the White House, in America. [End Sarcasm]

The video below gives us a first hand look at these sick bastards and plenty of evidence to show how peaceful the religion of Islam, religion of the moon god, really is.

From what I can see, peace in Islamic terms means cutting off the heads of your enemies and mounting them in public on fence poles for children and the rest of the world to see. And they call Americans and Christians infidels.

Give me a fricken’ break.

I think those towel head skanks should be exterminated for what they did to those people, and for how they kill innocent people for nothing more than not believing in their false moon god. Trust me, they fully intend to exterminate us if the evidence is to be respected. I’m all about peace but these bastards want to kill everyone. They’re almost worse than Bill and Melinda Gates, except they don’t want to kill as many people.

Special Thanks To Vice News

The Islamic State (Of Mayhem and Death)

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