standard God Tastes Like Chicken; God, Atheists, and Satan

God Tastes Like Chicken; God, Atheists, and Satan

God is not a Theory

God is as real as the brain that you have in your head, which you have never seen. You simply have faith that you have a brain (what about the mind?) in your skull and wouldn’t dare crack your head open to prove it to anyone. I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t either.


I love Atheists

None of those Godless, God-Mocking human man animal-mammals are willing to crack their heads open to prove that they have a brain. I wonder if atheist scientists think they can build a human mind from raw materials.

(I know; ironically that notion makes no sense, but it should in a physical world, right? No cheating allowed by building a supercomputer uploaded with every piece of data we have, globally. How do you give it opinion and feelings?)

My intent is not to bash Atheists, but it can be enticing. 🙂 No worries, I love Atheists too.

Proving the existence of God is far easier than mapping the human mind, not the physical brain, the mind, which is far more complex than the your brain could ever hope to be. The human brain is mostly made of fats some proteins and, of-coarse, brain juice (saturated fats).


Your mind as it Relates to God

Where did it come from, did consciousness evolve out of mud and amino acids? Doesn’t that sound a bit silly? Damn right it does and I agree, of coarse I agree I wrote it! No way a mind like mine or yours evolved from mud because consciousness is Godly. When you have consciousness, you can decide, create, have an opinion or a belief.

Do you ever wonder if squirrels, dogs, and cats have a consciousness? Do they have a God or a belief of an opinion? Or an ability to develop an opinion and turn it into an art form? Art-form being a writing, a motion picture, or an artistic rendition by paw scratch? Can my pet cat, Frankie, run for a political office with Scotty, the chihuahua, as running mate?

No. It wouldn’t make much sense because they are lesser beings. According to the Holy Bible, we have dominion over them, and he would obviously be a higher power to us. Yet, we tend to overlook the simple explanations due to us sheep being influenced by opinions derived from none other than man, our equals.


Out For a Coke

I was riding to the store with a relative and they had the radio on a gospel station, but after commercial break, the station referred to themselves an inspiration station. I think that’s extreme BS based on the idea of being politically correct.

Why? Because they are playing nothing but music related to spiritualism and nothing related to inspiration. Lets look at the difference between spirituality and inspiration in an example about accomplishing goals.

Inspiration: Johnny, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Spiritualism: Johnny, with God, you can do anything you put your mind to.

The BS term inspiration is propaganda designed to take credit, and praise, away from God.

Maybe Spiritual Inspiration? That’s way too harsh I guess.


Satanic movie, “The Secret

(A Good Flick to Watch, But Don’t Be Fooled by its Messages and Tortured Logic)

It steals the word of God; “You Reap What You Sow”, and turns into a damn-near 2 hour movie. It teaches its viewers that you can simply think about, or want something badly enough, and continue to keep your mind on it, and then the Universe will (somehow) grant it to you by using the power of YOU and the UNIVERSE.

Nothing could be more blasphemous to the word of God. This is a subtle way of declaring yourself God. Nothing could be more satanic, in fact, that’s what Satan did, he challenged God’s throne and was fired from his post as second in command of God’s Kingdom, and left to attempt to dominate the Earth until Jesus Christ returns.

If the Bilderberger’s and the Illuminati believe what they believe, so much that they have yearly rituals, then it strengthens my faith in the good Lord due to their worship, appreciation, and symbolization, of the anti.

God’s words are so powerful that something that simple, can be expanded and bullsh*tized that much, to make you believe that you and the Universe are God. I know that’s a bit radical, it is intended to be, but it makes a lot of sense because it is what it is.

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