standard The Chemical Dumbing Down of America

What is Causing the Dumbing Down of the Population?


Have you noticed that people don’t seem as smart as they used to?

You might think that’s a joke, but believe it or not, there are more and more people with lower IQs.

Fluoride - dumbing downWhy, you ask?

Because over-vaccination of the American public is resulting in the ‘dumbing down’ of society.

For example, the flu vaccine contains a mercury preservative called thimerosal, which has been linked to autism.

Since mercury is extremely toxic and has been shown to cause brain damage, why is it being injected into ours and our children’s bodies?

That isn’t the only way they’re dumbing down the American people. Fluoride is poison, but yet it’s being added to our drinking water, toothpaste, and many other products that we consume.

Are these things being done to intentionally dumb down the American people?

If you aren’t convinced, I encourage you to watch this video.


Chemical Dumbing Down of America:


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 The Dumbing Down of the American Population

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