standard The 9/11 WTC Hoax: Compelling New Evidence

The Elaborate WTC Lie


None of us will ever forget where we were when we heard the report that a plane had hit the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001.

But when it comes to the tragic 9/11 attacks, there are 2 different types of people: those who believe the official story that terrorists were responsible, and those who believe it was an inside job.

WTC explosion?The attacks were blamed on al-Qaeda, despite the fact that there is a tremendous amount of evidence that doesn’t fit with that story.

Oddly enough, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, stated shortly after the attacks that he believed the U.S. government was responsible, al-Qaeda called that theory “ridiculous”.

Since that fateful day in 2001, those who have questioned the official account have been labeled crazy conspiracy theorists.

Nevertheless, in the decade since the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, it’s become evident that planes were not what caused the destruction.

There are too many reports of explosions within the WTC for that to be a feasible explanation.

With the number of eyewitness accounts and physical evidence that has surfaced, even the most skeptical person, provided they are reasonably intelligent, couldn’t help but question the official account of the events.

Below is one of the best videos I’ve seen that provides compelling evidence that the WTC story was an elaborate hoax.

Even if you’re skeptical that 9/11 was an inside job, I encourage you to watch the video. It includes information that you’ve probably never seen.


The Demolition of the WTC Towers – what was used? 


Even though it’s heart-wrenching to believe that the 9/11 victims may have been a sacrificial offering by our own government for some twisted agenda, the families deserve to know the truth.

God bless both the victims and the families. You will forever be in our hearts.

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Evidence that the WTC was Demolished on 9/11

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  • sane person


    • Melissa S

      And exactly who is it that you’re calling idiots?  

      • Bigboi9112


        • Payitforward74

          LOL thanks for your very insightful post. I know it must have been difficult for you to come up with a one-word comment, but name-calling from one of the  sheep does not hurt my feelings. 

          Maybe you should drag yourself from in front of the TV and/or the Xbox and do some research before you call me an idiot.  Come back when you’ve realized that you can’t believe what the mainstream media is feeding you.

  • Also Sane

    The insane people is my guess( The people that made this video, the people that believe it. The people that think it, either didn’t require thousands of people to orchestrate, or that the thousands of people that were involved, have no conscience and have managed to keep their mouths shut). BBBUUUT THE GOVERNMENT, OIL, RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE.

  • Nate Wesl

    You realize, of course, that the OPENING SPEAKER has been declared legally insane, and is a likely spy for a foreign, hostile country (specifically Iran). Please make sure that you can trust your sources before citing them. Clinically insane intelligence agents for hostile countries are not good sources for reliable information about national security. Just saying.

    • Logic

      You realize that their are laws to physics. Can’t be broken, thus laws. Why is 9/11 an exception? please explain

      • Logic

         Cmon people, believing everything you’re told with proof/evidence is almost as stupid and ignorant as being religious and believing in a floating fairy in the sky, err I mean god..

        • Sunshine

          True story

    • Payitforward74

       It’s really irrelevant who the opening speaker is. What is relevant is that there is no way that the official story could be true. The towers were not brought down by terrorists flying airplanes, and anyone that still thinks that needs to pull their heads out of the sand and look at the evidence.

  • Jay

    i dont understand how so many people just accept the official 9/11 commission report, like our government has never lied to us before? people need to open their minds eye and look at the facts for themselves. thanks for posting this vid.

  • Pissed Off

    Here’s the thing, this video strikes home being a New Yorker and losing a few family friends to the WTC attacks. I watched this video out of curiosity and it really does just turn my stomach, not that the government could do that, but that someone could make that accusation. People who like to stir the pot in this situation really have little to go on. Being former military I can tell you what a shaped charge sounds like, In an enclosed environment (I.e., inside a brick house) it would sound exactly like that, In an open environment, say I don’t know, the streets of New York, It would be a much different sound. Look up a video of a piece of steel re-bar snap, let alone support beams like in the center. Sounds pretty damn similar if I do say so my self. Also look up a wiki article on pressure dynamics, it will tell you that as a large object (or any object for that matter) moves with a decent amount of velocity, it will push a pressure barrier before it causing those ‘explosions’ moving in front of the falling towers.
    Now I’ve seen thermal explosions and ignitions, they were white phosphorous, but they reached similar temperatures to thermite as well as, wait for it, BURNING JET FUEL (thanks to a handy Google search). This is where the video seems to contradict itself, the WTC 7 building couldn’t have possible caught fire with out the aid of nano-thermite, etc. Moments before this the video shows GOD DAMN MOLTEN IRON FALLING OUT THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING. I understand, a material that melts in the vicinity of 4000 degrees, It couldn’t possibly set fire to the tar roof of the building sitting DIRECTLY BELOW IT. Thank you for your time, and please, for your sake, conspiracy theorists, don’t preach this in New York. Where I may be content to go on a long comment rant, some of the other well to do members of the Manhattan community might not be so passive.   

    • Disk

       good comment, so long as you admit that jet fuel nor burning office materials burn at a hot enough temperature to make steel molten and pour out of the side of the building

      • Not As Pissed Off

        Melting point of  structural steel: 2750 degrees f
        Temperature of burning commercial jet fuel: from 1500 degrees c (2732 f) in a confined and focused space, along with the aid of other fuels it’s more than possible. We used to melt beer bottles with a melting point of over 2500 degrees f in a backyard fire. Come to think of it, we heated a piece of steel re-bar near the melting point, didn’t quite melt I bent it just by pushing on it. I weighed about 150lbs (I was 13 at the time) again that was with nothing more than some wood (structural wood actually, 2x4s etc).  Even at 1000 degrees I’m sure would be enough to weaken it to the point of failing. Regardless, being that the Trade Centers were built in the 60s it was more than likely Iron truss beams, Iron melts between 1200 and 1300 degrees. As to your comment below, what I don’t understand is why there has to be an alternate story to everything behind everything? What’s accomplished? Can you answer me that at least?

        • Pissed Off

          Noticed that the first number I supplied for the melting point of Iron was wrong, my apologies, I didn’t double check.

  • Nighthawk10_66

    My question is this. If the United States Government wanted to destroy the World Trade Center with bombs, why did they need the planes? I mean if this asinine theory is true, then why didn’t the “Evil” George Bush just blame the bombing on Al Qaeda. It’s not like no one would believe that they set off a bomb. They did it in 1993, or that is probably conspiracy, too. And while we are on the subject of George W Bush, I should point out that the conspiracy theorists also believe that George Bush is a moron, almost unable to remember to breathe. Yet, this man was the mastermind in all of this? Yeah.
    As stated before, blah blah blah blah, thermite, blah blah blah blah, blood for oil, blah blah blah blah blah. Fly a small Cesna into your own house and see how long it takes for “bombs” to go off in it.

  • Poptart

    haha wow

  • randomize

    I took a terrorism class in college and we had a couple of guest speakers throughout the semester. One of them was a FBI agent and first responder on 9/11 in NYC. She was ill due to having worked at ground zero but was able to come talk to us. She discussed her day and the following days of helping sift through debris for survivors and met with Mayor Giuliani a few times. The point of my comment is that she told us that Building 7 was intentionally brought down. The reason she was given was the since it was the command center for NYC and had many other important offices in it, they didn’t want any information getting into the wrong hands. She could not tell us how she knew this, but from her story and hearing who all she interacted with that day she seemed like she could have been in position to know. Plus there was no reason for her to lie because she volunteered the information to us. Just thought I’d contribute that story to the conversation.

    • Thank for your contribution to the story. We really appreciate it. Although it may take us some time to respond, don’t for one second think your contribution has been taken for granted.

  • three double deuce

    here is wisdom, go to a beach and see all the fire pits their and ask yourself how many fires have burned in them and why they never melted, plus all the steel re-barb encased in the concrete melted?plus watch a video on the construction of the two, they sprayed thick layers of asbestos on the steel beams and finally, all the fuel vaporized upon impact so what kept the fire going and how did all the concrete vaporize at the lower levels?