standard MTV ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Serving Prison Time

 Amber Portwood Chooses Prison Over Rehab


Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley, and their daughter Leah

Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley, and their daughter Leah

Amber Portwood from MTV’s ‘Teen Mom‘ is finally serving time behind bars.

She was sentenced to 5 years in prison after dropping out of her court-mandated drug rehab program. Simply put, she’s giving up the relative comfort of drug rehabs with a private room for a prison cell.”

22-year old Amber first appeared in the series ‘16 and Pregnant‘. Although her mental instability became evident quite early on, the drama continued to escalate throughout several seasons of ‘Teen Mom.’

Her problems spiraled out of control after felony domestic violence charges were brought against her in 2010 when she assaulted her former fiance, Gary Shirley, on camera and in front of their young daughter, Leah.

Although Portwood received probation, she continued to heap on one problem after another, including a probation violation and felony drug charges, for which she was ordered to complete a drug rehab program.

Following a recent suicide attempt, Amber decided to quit the rehab program and instead chose prison time in the hopes that it will help her get her life back on track.

She is expected to serve approximately 2 1/2 years of the 5-year sentence.

Even though I believe the sentence is warranted, I do sincerely hope she’s able to get herself together for her daughter’s sake. In the meantime, Leah is much better off with Gary.


Amber Portwood Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison:

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‘Teen Mom’ Star Amber Portwood Sent to Prison


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  • I guess it shows how disconnected I am , I never even heard of the chic.

    • Melissa S

      That’s completely understandable. It’s a reality show following girls that got pregnant at 16 to show how hard having a baby as a teen really is.  I have this thing for those kinds of reality shows, but most guys aren’t as into all that  🙂