standard Ted Cruz or David “The Texas TSA Coward” Dewhurst

Should David Dewhurst or Ted Cruz go to the US Senate?

Well lets see, while I don’t know much about Ted Cruz other than that David Dewhurst has spent far more money than he will ever earn as a U.S. Senator lying on Ted Cruz about helping the Chinese and supporting illegal alien amnesty, I do know a few things about David Dewhurst. I also happen to have a few reasons why their is no way in west hell he should be elected to anything, especially the U.S. Senate.


He’s Former CIA

Not that I have anything against CIA agents because they do serve our country (in some cases) and there are some good people in there, but you have be careful when dealing with spooks. Its just the way it is.


Alex Jones breaks down Dewhurst

Did he say White Slavery?

David Dewhurst is yellow Coward! He Killed The TSA Bill for Obama

Remember the No Fly zone over Texas?

David Dewhurst certainly, by my standards, a coward judging by how he made sure the Kill The TSA Bill (which was unanimously passed by the Texas Senate) was killed. This bill would have allowed Texas law enforcement agents to arrest TSA molesters by making federalized molestation a felony in Texas.

I see no need to continue with my opinion on this politician because many others have spoken and written so eloquently about him that I decided to simply share links within this post so you can get a full picture of who David Dewhurst really is.

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