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Yahoo Classic Mail…Its Alive!

Before Yahoo went full speed ahead with their identity crisis (Is Yahoo still considered a search engine?) they had some swell offerings, one of them being Yahoo Mail (now referred to as Yahoo Classic Mail) which I have always used in combination with my other email accounts and, from time to time, it serves as my main email account.

As usual, the internet giants always find a way to ruin a good thing and Yahoo wasted no time in screwing up Yahoo Mail to the point to where I am trying my fastest to move away from it.

The New and Subdued Yahoo Mail is not user friendly, I have it (it was forced on me a year or two or so ago) and it sucks.

The New and Subdued Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Classic Mail

"The great beauty and simplicity of Yahoo Classic Mail was that your emails were displayed on a static page, which gave you full control."

For a more constructive argument I will say that the New and Subdued Yahoo Mail makes it inconvenient to sort e-mails, the act of mass deleting emails was made cumbersome and must have been viewed as criminal in the eyes of the Yahoo overlords, and the current latest version of Yahoo Mail scrolls on its own and feeds mail by loading the latest (or the emails on the bottom of the page as you scroll) which is just nerve racking and ram consuming for some PC’s.

The great beauty and simplicity of Yahoo Classic Mail was that your emails were displayed on a static page which gave you full control. With Yahoo Classic Mail when you scroll down the page there aren’t those dingleberrys that pop up and say “hi” after you thought you had the maximum amount of emails displayed before you start deleting the trash.

The upgrade to the new pimpy version of Yahoo Mail took that control away. At least for me it did. But one day, after fighting with my PC and camping in safe mode for a little while, a voice told me to see if Yahoo Mail would work in the low res environment forced by safe mode and low and behold, I was blessed with an option to switch back to Yahoo Classic Mail … for now and forever.


How to Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail

Yahoo Classic Mail

Find out how to put your computer into “safe mode with networking” once there, fire up the interwebs, git’in yer Yahoo, (select Yahoo Mail Classic) give her whirl, then, come back and thank me. Yahoo Classic Mail

Yes, yes, I love you too.

Finest Regards,

VizFactimus SkankSlappa Maximus From Talicactimus (WOORT! lol)

Switch Back to Yahoo Classic Mail

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  • Webster

    Hi Viz,

    Yeah, I’ve always used YM too, and loved it till they started being a service provider and decided to mess it all up.  My isp is AT&T, and they force me to use this too.  I thought it was just me, I am forever hating change, change would be cool, if change moved from worse toward better, but with all things Internet for some reason most change seems to move from everything works very fine, toward, things are not working so well now, or even they are not working at all, or now instead of 1 click, I have to click 5 times, and have 3 processes spawned, that increasingly eat up resources expontenially. 

    I try to be open and accept, and welcome change, so I’m thinking somewhere in a back room somewhere, there is a dude with masking tape holding his glasses together, and a full pocket protector, with a big smile on his face, because his job is made much easier because of the new
    email program, which nobody I know likes.  I mean I have stumbled across many whole communities
    talking about how much they hate the new Yahoo Mail.  I’m sure somewhere somehow, it must
    serve the purpose of serving adverts in a better way that gain higher conversion rates, or it would have already been scrapped.  

    I’ll keep this article in mind, incase I need to switch back, but I found a url somwhere, that you visit, and it magically turns it back to classic.  I’ll try to find it and add it to this thread if I can find it, that’s the problem I can never find anything, it’s probably on the computer that blew up, but thanks, for giving me another way.

    • VizFact

      No problem Webster and thanks for sharing you take on this issue.

      Yahoo Classic mail was better and was much easier to use.

      If changing and upgrading involves a race to the the bottom with the prize being to see who can suck the fastest I’d prefer to sit that one out. I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t feel aged or backdated by enjoying the simplicity of Yahoo Classic mail, my life is much easier and I can more efficiently get the crap out of inbox and sort my mail to my hearts content.

      Go for it Webster, show em whos boss, switch back to Yahoo Classic Mail forever, lol.

  • Dick

    absolutely completely 100% useless posting – why do you bother?

    • VizFact

       I am shocked that you feel that way, did I not give the instructions in a clear enough manner?