standard (Video) Super Baby Tossed From Car During High Speed Police Chase

This is a viral video of a baby being thrown from a hijacked SUV that flipped over during a high speed police chase.

This “super baby” was thrown out of the S-U-V as it flipped over and immediately got up and started walking like nothing happened. I’m almost sure the baby was looking for it’s mother as a child’s natural instinct is.

It’s truly a modern day miracle and worth a million or so views.

The Facts

super baby thrown from suv car in high speed police chaseThis police chase involved 4 teenagers in which 3 are idiots juveniles. After getting their hands dirty with robbery, they led police on this high speed chase which as you can see, led to a modern day miracle.

The 18-month-old-baby was thrown from the S-U-V after if flipped from these idiots (didn’t need to cross it out that time) proved that they don’t know how to drive in a straight line.

While the baby was thrown from the S-U-V and was able to immediatly get up and walk back to the vehicle like nothing happened, the toddler was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

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