standard Stuff Suburban Black Guys Say (Video)

So Much Culture on the Web…

This video making fun of suburban black men (obviously whom are culturally white) had me laughing my ass off.

In my never ending quest for culture I tend to engage in pilgrimages to the blogosphere and check out the web properties of others. Sometimes I visit blogs and surf the web via the links on those blogs and see where I end up.

Web surfing, ha, something I don’t think a lot of us get enough of due to being locked in the social experiment idea prisons known as social networks. Not that I have anything against social networking, its just that the concept is being raped to oblivion.

Moving Along… The reason for this post is the jewel (the video) below…

“Stuff Suburban Black Guys Say”

Anyway…This video is funny, I found it at single black male dot org and I found that blog linked from an interesting little blog named (I shouldn’t call it little, its more popular than this blog, for now, according to Alexa) Black Girls are Easy.

I was amazed, but not surprised, to find so much funny, intelligent, and amazing content on the web. From black men who have lost their culture to inter-racial dating, this little funny skit covers it all and is a testament to why its good to relax, not be so serious all the time with your own little agenda, and [learn to] smell the roses baby!

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Feature Video: Stuff Suburban Black Guys Say

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