standard Some of Your Future Robot Cyborg Masters!

It Has Begun


They will likely start off as slaves to humanity, but if current news on artificial intelligence is any indicator, it won’t be long before the day arrives that the robots will have approached human intelligence levels backed by raw computing horsepower. Its my fear that once this is achieved, and I doubt it will be long, it will begin.


Robot Salad Anyone?

Yes, the cyborg is holding a knife and making tough work out of cutting a cucumber. I bet the big banks would love to finance this robot for old folks, better yet, get medicare to pay for it, or medicaid or whatever its called. Yes, its brilliant, have government pay for health care and send robots to cook for us and force an eating regimen. Brilliant!

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Beware of Dog 2.0

I wonder what caliber of rounds it shoots and how much ammo it has. I wonder how easy it would be to cover that thing up with a blanket. I guess we know where those little boxes came from that go around people faces in camera LED’s. People who own cameras will know what I mean.

I wonder how much one of these things cost and if they will come with backdoors in the microprocessors?


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Some of Your Future Robot Cyborg Masters!

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