standard Snorting Bath Salts: The Next Epidemic?

Could Snorting Bath Salts Become The Next Epidemic Right Under Our Noses?

To answer the title, no bath salts shouldn’t become an epidemic but people are stupid and I’m going to explain why.

Over the past month, we’ve heard more media coverage than ever before on bath salts and the dangers of snorting it; especially after the Miami face eater incident.

Surprisingly, there are more cases around the country that many don’t know about that involve bath salt.

A few incidents with bath salts you may not have heard about

bath salts epidemic
A South Charleston man high on bath salts, stole his neighbor’s goat and killed it. He was found standing over the goat’s body wearing women’s underwear. Why women’s underwear? 

In Maryland, a man admitted to ripping his roommate limb from limb and then eating his heart and brain… WTF?

Then not soon after, another man was arrested for allegedly killing a man with an ice pick, then eating part of the dead body. Guess a cheeseburger was out of the question.

Now all these cases and more, at the moment, are linked to snorting bath salt.

I’ll admit that I’m not the brightest light on Christmas tree but why in the world do you still want to snort something you see turning people into crazed flesh eating zombies.

Here’s how my mind works…

I’m with 15 people and we’re all going down a water-slide. If I see the first 15 go down and most of them come out with broken legs and arms, I’M NOT GOING!

Those whole snorting bath salt epidemic falls under that saying “if everybody jumped off a bridge would you”

Apparently some people are SO FREAKIN’ DUMB, they are jumping off the bridge.

The True Dangers Of Snorting Bath Salts

This post is not meant to only expose the stupidity of our society (even though it is at an all time high). I want to wake people up and let them know just what they are doing to their bodies when snorting these bath salts.

Since the government is dragging their feet with banning this stuff, we have to be smart on our own.

Known Side Effects Of Snorting Bath Salts

  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Dependency
  • Fear – Hanging out with a frightened drug user is not fun.
  • Delusions – People may believe that their friends are “devils”
  • Self-Mutilation
  • Heart Problems – Some versions of the drug increase heart rate.
  • Overdose
  • Death – Either by way of Overdose or Self-Harm, Suicide

Another problem with using bath salts as a drug is in overdose cases where they are difficult to treat because medical professionals don’t know what toxins may be causing the problem.

With other drugs, including opiates, there are readily available injections that can counteract bad effects and overdose situations.

Bath salts overdoses may go untreated and can be misdiagnosed as other issues since the drugs themselves aren’t discovered in standard drug testing. Side effects of bath salts depend on whether the it’s snorted, smoked, or injected.

Watch this video for more info on the dangers of bath salts how it’s causing a new disorder called “excited delirium“.

I’m done…

I don’t know about you, but me… The only thing that will be going up my nose anytime soon and on a regular basis is AIR. If you agree, let me know in the comments

I’m scared to even bathe with this stuff now out of fear of breathing in the vapors, turning into a zombie and terrorizing my apartment complex.

I’m kidding but I’ll pass…

What are your thoughts? Will snorting bath salts become an epidemic or will Americans smarten up?

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  • RITA J

    this man that hurt the homeles man, i know it is very disturbing, but God knew this b4 it was going to happen and my faith will have to make sense of it through a good out of it, i never realised till that day y the drug make u feel on fire on the inside, that cases of people seeing people come out of floor tiles and paint on walls change colors,,, THIS DRUG HAD TO FINALLY COME OUT IN A DRASTIC WAY TO GWT EVRYONES ATTENTION,,, SO ALL IM SAYING IS,, THE MAN IS HEALING, THE OTHER MAN WAS HIS WORSE ENEMY, AND I WATCH PEOPLE MORE WISER THAN BEING SO NIEVE,, WATCH UR KIDS, EDUATE PEOPLE, LETS LEARN FROM THIS, LETS UNDERSTAND AND PRAY, LOVE N PEACE