standard Sing Along Now…..Obama is the Greatest

The ‘Obama Lies’ Song


I can’t stop laughing. This guy got it right, and the song’s going to be running through my head for the rest of the day.

Let’s have a sing-along!

This is for the Obama supporters that still just don’t get it.

Everyone sing along now…..”Obama is the greatest, Obama is the greatest, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama”.

If you still believe that, please post a comment below.

Don’t forget to include the amount of your gubberment check, so we know how little your freedoms and those of your fellow Americans are worth to you.

And it’s never too late to pull your heads out of the sand. Hopefully, you’ll come around before it’s too late.

Enjoy 🙂


The ‘Obama Lies’ Song:


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Let’s Have an ‘Obama Lies’ Sing-Along!

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