standard 10 Life Simplifying Concepts To Live By

I know, I know, I have not written a blog post in a while. Sorry. I got stuck on one post that I am working on and got a writers block. However, I still want to write something, or set up a category having to do with a top ten type of section and in the process of the idea the “Top 10 Rules to Life, According to VizFact” came to mind.

Finish what you start

You did start whatever it was, you started, for a reason right?

Why not finish it?

Ever wonder how it would have turned out?

Could it have been a great money maker or a wonderful romance?

You will never know nor get the fulfillment life has to offer unless you finish what you start. After all, that is what life is about right? Accomplishing things.

Do Not Over React!

Too many a time I have seen a bad situation become unnecessarily worse by over reacting. Just don’t do it. Take a second, breathe, think about it, craft a response/reaction.

Clean Up Behind Yourself.

A lot of criminals would go a long way by learning this one and this concept also helps to make simpler life. Cleaning up behind yourself is a wonderful way of dealing with things once. Rather than wasting time, and money, by having to address issues twice.

Listen More Than You Talk

Or in other words, take in more than you put out. This concept works well with money too.

See, I told you, 10 rules to life.

Be A Sweetie Wipe The Seatie

Just the thought of sitting on someones dried up….. ugggh. I sterilize all toilet seats before I come in contact with them anyway so no worries for me. In fact, I should have left this one out because of how much it relates with Clean Up Behind Yourself.

Ask for Advice

We all know what we want to do anyway, why not get some advice first? Asking for advice is too many times simply a way of looking to justify a stupid idea. We all know the difference between right and wrong, advancement and setback. Just make up your mind.

Or, see if you can find a different perspective on life’s surprises by getting the opinion of someone else.

Enter the Unknown

Do something different! Learn something new! Go a different route! Explore, be adventurous! Travel, read, or just do something different. Are you an alcoholic? Drink something different today!

Address The Issue

If something comes up address it immediately. Have an issue with someone you are in a relationship with? Address it, do not let it fester. Unsaid truths or unspoken feelings can be like a festering boil waiting to be lanced. When they pop on their own, it can be at a bad time or even worse, a bad place and around the wrong people.

Save Some Money

Who knows, with a little money you may even be able to make some.

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