standard Silver and the Economic Storm

Why Buy Silver?


Ron Paul, as well as expert financial trend forecaster Gerald Celente, have long been warning Americans of a coming economic collapse that will likely happen in 2012.

Although there are a number of naysayers who don’t believe it, both Paul and Celente have made a lot of solid and accurate predictions in the past, so it is in our best interests to pay attention.

In 2002, Ron Paul made many chilling predictions involving war, foreign affairs, the economy, and civil liberties.

Quite a few have already come true, including the collapse of the housing bubble.

Others are playing out right now, like a living nightmare that we can’t wake up from.

Likewise, Gerald Celente has accurately predicted a very long list of political, social, economic, and business trends (to name a few), earning him a solid reputation as one of the most trusted trends forecasters.

Both of these men have issued warnings that the crash of the dollar is imminent and inevitable.

This will likely result in martial law due to the social unrest it will create when people are unable to obtain food & necessities.

To both hedge against inflation as well as prepare for the collapse of the dollar, Paul and Celente have made it clear that physical gold and silver is the way to go.

Unlike paper currency, bullion will always be valuable, and that value will increase as the value of the dollar plummets.


Silver Certificates

Lately, I’ve been running into a number of people who feel that their money is safe because they own silver certificates.

If you aren’t familiar with them, silver certificates look a heck of a lot like regular paper currency (Federal Reserve Notes), with a few noticeable differences.

The most important being that silver certificates are backed by physical silver bullion, whereas Federal Reserve Notes are not. Dollars are fiat currency.

I won’t go into detail, but if you’re interested in an in-depth explanation of the two, you can find that information here.

Here are a picture of a silver certificate and a dollar bill so you can see the obvious physical differences.

Silver Certificate - one dollar

One dollar silver certificate

Dollar Bill

One dollar Federal Reserve Note


Even though silver certificates are considered to be “real money” whereas Federal Reserve Notes are not, people seem to have a false sense of security in them.

Silver certificates supposedly obligate the government to exchange them for physical silver upon request.

What on God’s good earth would possess anyone to think the government will actually comply??

Don’t believe it!

In light of the fact that the government has shown us time and again lately that they do not care about the laws or even the Constitution, you’re out of your ever-loving minds to trust that they will give you bullion for your silver certificates.

If you aren’t holding that silver in your hand, you have nothing but an empty promise.

The reality is that if the dollar crashes as predicted, the government is NOT going to want you to have bullion at all.

In fact, they’re going to hoard it, so expect them to try to take it from you.

Let’s rewind back to 1933 for a minute, when Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an executive order requiring people to turn in their gold bullion, coins, and certificates to the Federal Reserve in exchange for….you guessed it, worthless paper currency.

Do not think another gold or even a silver confiscation can’t happen. It can, and it probably will.

And they certainly won’t be giving you bullion for your gold or silver certificates.


If precious metal confiscation happens again when the economy implodes, you better hope you are in possession of physical bullion.

Buy it with cash (preferably) and hide it well.

I’m definitely no financial expert, but this is common sense.

You may need it to barter for goods if martial law is declared and resources become scarce.

Ideally, your priority should be to stock up on non-perishable emergency food and supplies, which will greatly reduce your need for bullion anyway, but it can never hurt to have precious metals on hand.

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Silver Certificates or Silver Bullion?

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