standard Should Barack Obama Be Impeached?

Impeach Obama 2012

Aside from the video I am sharing, I personally wanna see congress impeach Obama for having the nerve to sign a law that would be forcing me to have to buy a health insurance plan I don’t want or need.

Check out the video below, I thought it was interesting so I wanted to make sure it was shared outside of YouTube.

Join The Movement To Impeach Obama

Key points made in this video justifying the impeachment of Barack Obama include…

  • March 7th 2012 Rep Walter Jones of NC  Introduced House Resolution 107 into Congress to impeach Obama for illegal activities under the constitution.


  • The Obama administration endorsed the bailout programs, which offered no benefit to the US economy at a maximum cost to the US economy and the American people. There was no investment in the American economy or her infrastructure.


  • The Obama Administration conducted a war in Libya which it claimed it did not conduct. The United States was not under attack nor threatened by Libya.


  • President Obama’s administration does not believe Congress has the exclusive power to declare war.


  • The Obama Administration often takes sides with imperialist Great Britain.


  • The Obamunized White House has numerous violations and war crimes as prescribed in the post World War II Nuremberg Trails.


  • Barack Obama signed the (NDAA) National Defense Authorization Act which strips Americans of their rights, which government was supposed to be protecting. The Obama Administration made sure to have Congress remove the legal language which had provisions to exclude American citizens from tyranny. Under the NDAA you have no freedom for all intent and purposes.


  • The Bill of Rights is almost completely toilet paper.


  • The President is willing to assassinate American citizens.
Impeach Obama

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