standard Were There “Clues” Leading To The Shooting In Aurora?

A few days ago, we were hit with the sad news that a fatal shooting took place in Aurora, Colorado during the premiere of Dark Knight Rises; the most talked about film of the year.

The suspect who has been named as James Holmes, shot and killed 12 (some reports say 14) people in a hail of gunfire.

A few days before the shooting world famous rapper Lil’ Wayne released his video “My Homies Still” ft. Big Sean.

Is it a coincidence that in that very video, Lil Tunechi as he’s often called, performed in a movie theater with 12 – 14 skeletons sitting in the seats?

It could be a coincidence but after almost every (if not all) major “terrorists” acts, there were clues released before they occurred.

Here is the music video. See for yourself and comment with what you think…

Warning: Explicit lyrics

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