standard Selective Prosecution or Preferred Prosecution

Its unfair.

To pick and choose which crimes are sweepstaked into being prosecuted in the court of law is, in a way, giving preference to the color of law.

I’m not a lawyer, but I can read, (all lawyers do anyway is read) so I feel qualified to speak on items I have read.

If you have ever read the law of the land, then you should be aware that it requires its masters, all of them (citizens, courts, judges, cops, military, and politicians… EVERYONE), to defend it, and the freedoms it attempts to guarantee by affirming that you already had those freedoms by simply shedding light on them, not granting them. come and Take It

The right to bear arms is under demonization, and illegal attack.

The right to bear arms isn’t a privilege that can be granted, or taken.

The right to bear arms is not a right that government has the authority to take.

Preferred Prosecution

Attacking The Second Amendment, is against the law. The 2nd Amendment, shall not be infringed, and any attempt to take away a birth-right, as if it were a privilege, is a high crime.

If reading between lines is a worthy read, then clearly we have some weak prosecutors at the helm as far as defending the law, which is the Constitution, is concerned.

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Where’s the Injustice Department in all this riffraff?

Selective Prosecution

You don’t hear about congressional corruption cases, treason trials, nor the defense of the Constitution anymore when it comes to defending it from tyrants in power, foreign and more importantly, domestically.

Sad thing is, most tyrants in power probably don’t even realize they are tyrants. Why should they? They haven’t lost any freedoms, and don’t live under a tyrannical power structure. They command one. Which is the exact opposite of living under one. At least for a time.

Attacking the 2nd amendment legislatively, or by executive fraud fiat, is criminal.

I think one guy said it best at the gas station,

“I hate those kids were killed, but no child’s life is worth me not having a right to defend my own”.

Another guy said,

“Yeah, Cops don’t show up till after you’re dead anyway. They don’t prevent crimes they follow footsteps and harass drivers.”

Law enforcement only stands witness to about 3 or 4% of crimes while they are progress anyway. The other 96% of the time people are already dead in the event of murders, or the crime has already been committed in other cases.

Speaking of law enforcement, why not enforce the law by defending it?

Our society is a fraud.

By VizFact


Attacking The 2nd Amendment is Criminal: Selective Prosecution

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