standard Savage Shooting at Showing of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado

Hearing of movie goers being savagely murdered and shot like hogs in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater at the showing of The Dark Knight Rises is enough to shake anyone to the core.

The unsuspecting and defenseless victims were likely relaxing with their families and enjoying the Batman movie and then it happened, tear gas canisters were deployed on an unsuspecting audience (the bra that doubles as a gas mask would have come in handy here) in the darkness most likely causing untamed chaos to ensue.

(Update: A Lone gunman in his early 20’s was alleged to have done this. we suspect there is far more to this than meets the eye. Just a hunch.)

Savagery at The Showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora Colorado

Not only did the shooters throw tear gas into the theater, but reports are coming in from witnesses that it seemed as if the tear gas was thrown into the theater to motivate people to run (evade) around and unknowingly make themselves easy targets as they were scrambling in panic.


The Facts of The Shooting (as we have them)

  • Gunmen Opened Fire after throwing tear gas into the theater.
  • This never happened before Batman went all Dark Knight on us.
  • People were shot down as they tried to exit from tear gas affected areas.
  • At least 50 people were shot and at least 14 killed.
  • The shooting occurred at Century 16 Movie Theaters in the Aurora Town Center.
  • This isn’t Colorado’s first stint with senseless shootings. Remember Columbine.


The Sad Realities of the Theater Shootings

Unfortunately, this tragic shooting is about to be glorified and whored by the media, and the Democrats, to no avail. The cowardly Republicans won’t have a response and ultimately, no one will care about what happened to these people after the media cycle is done milking it for everything its worth…in advertising dollars… as they cover it to death.

Doesn’t it seem that this shooting came just in time for the political season? Funny how the so called conservative talk circuit made the connection to the bad guy in the movie being named Bane just in time for the political season of bashing Mitt Romney‘s sorry ass for working for a venture capital firm that destroyed jobs by just that same name. Wow, what a coincidence.

Expect more TSA, Healthcare, and IRS Agents.

There is no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to politics dear reader. This shooting stinks to high heaven of advanced politics, if you catch my drift.

Finest Regards Dear Beloved Blog Reader

Rest in Peace to those massacred in Colorado at the new Batman Movie.

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Savage Shooting at Showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado

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