standard Saturated Fats, Good or Bad

Saturated Fats Aren’t Bad at all

Incorporating saturated fats into your diet reduces the levels of a substance called lipo-protein. Lipo-Proteins, in high levels, have shown a high correlation with heart disease.

When women go on diets, studies have shown that those who are eating the greatest portion of the total fat within their diets as saturated fats, end up losing the most weight versus women who do not have saturated fats implemented into their dietary plan.

Saturated Fats Help Build Stronger Bones

Your bones absorb more calcium due to saturated fats helping your bones to absorb calcium from other foods in your diet.

According to well known and respect research expert in dietary fats and human health, Dr. Mary Enig, Ph.D., a strong case is to be made for being sure to have at least 50% of the fats in your diet, saturated.


Saturated Fats Boost The Immune System

If white blood cells lose a sufficient amount of fatty acids it can complicate their ability to eliminate and detect biological intrusions, like viral infections, fungi, and bacteria.

Butter and coconut oil have the type of saturated fats which are the most important for a healthy immune system.

Saturated Fats contribute to a Healthy Brain

The human brain consists almost entirely of cholesterol and fat. Saturated fats represent the largest portion of the fatty acids your brain needs to operate at its healthiest levels.

Eating patterns that minimize saturated fats limit the materials that the brain needs to function at its best. Thus, limited brain health.

The saturated fats found in butter, lard, coconut oil, and palm oil, function directly as message signals that have a major influence on your metabolism.

This also includes important functions such as the optimal release of insulin into the bloodstream.

Liver Health

A healthy liver is one that is protected from powerful medications, and alcohol, due to the protection afforded it by having a diet which includes saturated fats.

Saturated fat helps to defend your liver from drugs generally associated with pain killers and arthritis medication.

Eat before drinking alcohol. Saturated fats deserve credit for the prevention of hangovers associated with alcohol ingestion.

Lung Health

As far as cardiovascular health is concerned, saturated fats have a huge impact here as well.

The fatty portion of lung surfactant (liquid that coats the lungs) is 100% saturated fatty acids. For preferred functionality, your lungs’ pores need to have this thin coating to function at their best.

Replacing these important saturated fats by other types of fats creates faulty lung surfactant.

Potentially, respiratory complications could occur due to your lungs not having the best surfactant possible, which is natures intent.



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Saturated Fats Good or Bad



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