standard Sara Kruzan Sentenced To Life Without Parole at 16-Year-Old …

Have you heard the story of Sara Kruzan? She was sentenced to life without parole at the very young age of 16. She’s 29

At 16, I didn’t even have the mind capacity to put together a crime big enough to deserve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Now as we all know, the justice system if pretty darn corrupted; it’s been that way for a while. Late 2011, we saw the justice system ‘murder’ Troy Davis (who remained innocent until his death).

free sara kruzan2012, we have the case of Trayvon Martin; the young teenager that was gunned down by a trigger happy neighborhood watch president.

With that being said….

What does it take for a judge to look down at such a pretty young woman and sentence her to spend the rest of her life in prison?

Did she rob a bank and kill a police officer? No…

Did she kill her mother after a night of wild partying? Not even close?

I’ll let her tell you in the video below. What would you do? Do you think she should be free? Does she really deserve life in prison?

Comment below and let us know…

For more info on how you help free Sara Kruzan, check out You’ll find information about the petition to set her free, her recent accomplishments and more.

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  • Brittaney

    This isnt fair 🙁 poor poor girl