standard Sandy Hook: Inconsistencies & Proof of Multiple Shooters

What Really Happened at Sandy Hook?

There are numerous stories floating around the internet and through the news media surrounding the tragic Sandy Hook massacre.

First, the police originally identified the shooter was Ryan Lanza, the brother of Adam Lanza who was the real perpetrator.Sandy Hook school

In addition, they initially reported that he had three weapons: a Glock handgun, a Sig Sauer handgun and a Bushmaster rifle.

Law enforcement officials reported that the two handguns were used in the attack, and the rifle was found in the backseat of Lanza’s mothers’ vehicle, which he drove to the scene.

Then, the story changed saying he had taken four handguns into the school. Below is video footage of police removing a long gun from the trunk of the vehicle. The gun in the video appears to be a shotgun, not a rifle.

However, despite all this, the medical examiner is claiming that Adam killed his victims using “the long weapon”, not the handguns.

Sandy Hook Gun Inconsistencies:

Quite a few inconsistencies. Were there two handguns or four? Did Adam use them or the rifle that they originally said was found in the car?

The shooter was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Shouldn’t law enforcement officials be able to tell the difference between a handgun or a rifle lying next to the body?

I think we can be pretty certain that Lanza didn’t slaughter those people with an assault rifle, then put it back in the car before returning to the school and killing himself with a handgun.

It gets a bit more interesting though, because even though they’re going with a lone gunman story, there is evidence of the police apprehending a second suspect, as well as video footage of one of the school children talking about what would be a third person that was handcuffed when they were ushered outside the school.

The following video contains several other interesting pieces of information about the Lanza family:

  • Despite the official story, there is no evidence that Lanza’s mother was a teacher at Sandy Hook.
  • The shooter’s father, Peter Lanza, is the VP of GE Capital and a partner at major accounting firm Ernst & Young.
  • Ryan Lanza, the shooter’s brother, is employed at Ernst & Young.
  • There are also rumors that both Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes, father of James Holmes (the shooter in the Aurora Batman massacre), were both scheduled to testify at the Libor scandal hearings.

Were There 3 Shooters at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Very interesting indeed.

We may never know the whole truth about Sandy Hook, but one thing is clear, there are too many inconsistencies in what the public is being told.

Although nothing will bring back the people who lost their lives, the families deserve the truth.

Our deepest sympathies to the loved ones of the victims. May God somehow bring them peace in the midst of this horrible tragedy.

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 What Really Happened at Sandy Hook?

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