standard Ron Paul Says Farewell to Congress

Ron Paul Officially Retires from Congress


Ron Paul retires from CongressToday, Ron Paul retired from Congress.

For decades, Dr. Paul has been the defender of the Constitution and the people, despite being surrounded by those determined to strip us of our liberties.

A man of integrity and morals, Dr. Paul has firmly stood his ground while most other politicians have willingly sold out.

He has been the leader of the Liberty Movement, and even though he has retired from office, that movement has only just begun.

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for everything you’ve done and tried to do for us.  Thank you for opening our eyes to the truth.  Thank you for being a shining example of a good and honorable man and a proud American.  And thank you for leading the way.

May God richly bless you and your family.  Trust that we will finish what you started.

The R3VOLUTION marches on!



Ron Paul’s ‘What If’ Speech:


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Ron Paul Retires from Congress

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